Okay, This Is Important Folks . . .

I need some data about the TNC Auto Purchase/Lease Programs. I need this data because these programs are “shit” programs that can lead to the failure of the driver working for the TNC as well as serious financial loss to the drivers. I know this to be true because I am living it today. I need to know every detail you can provide me about how your

  • loan/lease was started
  • Did they discuss your credit standing
  • Were you told you were a bad credit risk
  • Did they discuss interest rate of your loan
  • Did they tell you which cars were approved for purchase
  • Did they offer a Manufacturers Discount
  • Did you receive an Uber/Lyft discount
  • Were any promises made to you but never received
  • How much work does it take for you to pay your loan
  • How much is your loan payment per week
  • What is the interest rate applied to your loan
  • What was the M.S.R.P. price on your car
  • What was the final cost of your car
  • and any other detail about your purchase that you can think of.

I have a form on the Association web site that you can fill out to provide me this information. The form asks for your contact information so that I can contact you if I need you to explain anything I do not understand about what you tell me on the form. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone without your consent and I well not even contact you unless absolutely necessary. If you think you have a fair deal in your purchase, you can tell me that also. Tell Us About It Form 

This data is being collected as I need details to defend myself in legal actions resulting from my purchase of a vehicle through one of these programs.


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