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    • Hello Mark,

      A quick status for the Association. We are pending! The membership has not yet reached the point where I feel comfortable enough to make additional investment to continue the ball rolling. If we are confirmed “employees” by the pending court cases then the employees will have the ability to form and join a Union. The Association is not a Union. Those employees that do not want to be employees and want to be Independent Contractors would then join an Association for representation. So, we are kind of in limbo awaiting Court decision. This does not mean that we cannot acquire members in the interim. It also does not mean that an employee cannot be an Association member. Employees can still be active Association members, but would have to go to their Union Representative for representation in employment matters. The day the final determination made on the employment questions, I will re-evaluate the need for the Association and decide if I want to move forward with making further investment. I likely will continue forward with the Association simply because I choose to try to be an Independent Contractor myself, but will want a true negotiated contract to do so. People have little faith in my ability to pull this off, but I am completely prepared to do so and I hope to have members adequate to do so. I currently hide most membership data because many members fear reprisal from the TNC’s if discovered members, so our numbers are actually above the numbers I show on the web site.

      Many people think by their involvement in a FaceBook Group that they are part of an Association, but FaceBook Groups are not associations within the requirements of law. FaceBook Groups are perfect for interaction and communication and make an ideal add-on for an Association, but I doubt FaceBook Group Leaders see it that way. Then there is the problem of certain Groups actually being Uber managed Groups, of which there are a few. My point being that FB Groups are not legal associations unless the legal structure is made prior to becoming an association. This association is not yet legalized as I still have to file the corporation information with the State. This is part of the moving forward investment I discussed earlier.

      I hope I answered your question, if not give me your specific questions and I will try to answer your concerns.


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