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We have chosen  to make a statement with our appeal for donations to our Association, some more tasteful than others but each with merit all it’s own. Our T-Shirts are not really for use while driving for the TNC’s but are definite conversation starters no matter where you go. All of our T-Shirts are “collector” edition T-Shirts with a limited distribution only available for a short period of time. All of the proceeds from the sales of these items will go to the Association in furtherance of our attempts to serve the drivers we support. 

This T-Shirt tells it like it is. Travis Kalanick has lied to everybody everywhere every time since he started Uber. Not a single one of us drivers ever received the promises made when we were hired and we certainly have followed the lies since.






This T-Shirt was made the day I decided that it was less costly to me to give my 2015 KIA Optima back to the Lender after paying $952.00 per month for ten months, than it was to keep it and not make enough money while working with Uber to make the payments. From the rate reduction in September 2014 until the day I gave this car up for repossession I made “0” profit while working with Uber. While I have to agree it may not be in very good taste, it reeks of sentiment.





This T-Shirt says it all while watching Travis Kalanick making his way to the bank off the backs of the drivers. The drivers are the only true income producing people working for Uber. And, the most poorly treated by Uber.






There will be more items in the future for you to purchase. If you have an idea for a T-Shirt that you think would be a good addition, just let us know by email to richbrunelle@live.com

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