It Looks Like Uber Wins . . .

The headline read: 

Appeals Court: Sorry Uber Drivers, You Signed Away Your Right To Sue Company



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And it might be that Uber has won in its legal battles with their drivers. In reality, it might just mean the Transportation Network Company Giant will get away with the continued abuse and exploitation of hundreds of thousands of workers while Government sits on their collective thumbs and allow it to happen. The headlines should read:

“Uber Fucks A Nation And Nobody Does Anything About It.”

The Uber story is simple, “He who has money can get away with murder!” Although murder is not the actual offense, the death of the American Worker as we know it may be the end result.

The headline noted above is the result of the Appeals Court review of Uber’s Arbitration clause in the Uber Driver Contracts, which requires drivers seek resolve of issues via arbitration and prevents class action lawsuits against Uber. It also eliminates the ability of any worker getting a fair hearing on their issue. As Uber has consistently demonstrated a lack of ethics in the past, nobody sees fairness in the arbitration process at all. Thus, the plight of the UberDriver/American Worker is headed further in a downward spiral.

In truth, this is a sad story. Uber, a company that could have done so much for the US, chose to only benefit Uber, the corporation. It was like a gold rush, back in 2014. But, fools gold is what it was. So many people have fallen for the lies and propaganda generated by Uber. When they figure it all out, most leave quietly out of embarrassment because they fell for the scam. A hand full of drivers have struggled to try to unify the drivers so they can stand against the behemoth Uber, with very little result. Now, with the aforenoted Court ruling it is doubtful that anything will be done to correct the harm caused by Uber and other companies of the new “shared/gig” economy. And, for the past 7 years, Uber has destroyed jobs,  investments, and futures while claiming that they are not a Transportation company when in fact they are nothing but another Taxi Service that is slowly becoming worse than those it replaces.

Every time Uber has been met with less than absolute acceptance by local government Uber has used social media and lies to sway public opinion to such a degree that local governments have little choice but to let Uber run rough-shod through their community. Uber’s claims of quality jobs have been reduced to poverty level slave labor with no benefit or future. Uber claims that their drivers are Independent Contractors using “the driver works when he wants to” while Uber manipulates drivers work schedules to require drivers work when and where Uber wants if the drivers want to make any real income. And Uber accepts absolutely No Responsibility for anything that happens relative to Uber riders, dumping full responsibility on the drivers which is a heavy burden to bear for the lower level drivers that without manipulative incentives do not make even the minimum wage. And, so long as Uber opposes fingerprint background checks there will be criminals hidden amongst them.

“Drivers can make a difference.”

There are as many as 500,000 drivers working with Uber nation-wide. Were these hard working men and women to unify for a single day, they could make their voices heard. This is up to the drivers. There is really no benefit to working for or with Uber presently, for the driver nor the community. But, the drivers can change this, if they chose to. There are Driver’s Associations actively trying to unify the drivers. There is even support from  a couple Unions for these Associations. But, as most drivers fear retaliation by the TNC’s for their involvement with these organizations, most choose not to join. The drivers have to stand up for themselves, get their voices heard, and achieve cooperation from the likes of Uber, or  continue to be treated like a third world worker, for pennies a day, without benefit or future.




3 thoughts on “It Looks Like Uber Wins . . .

    • Actually, were Lyft to quit playing Uber’s game and just charge a fair rate, pay drivers a fare amount, and have happy drivers rather than a bunch of full time pissed off drivers, Lyft would move forward. But, they want to play Uber’s game. Why?


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