In February of 2015 Richard Brunelle and a handful of other RideShare Drivers decided to take on the task of creation of an Association to represent a membership of RideShare Drivers nation-wide. The idea was met with very little enthusiasm or support from the community of drivers on the uberpeople.net web site and became the topic of many heated debates, The need to represent over 160,000 drivers nation-wide won out in the end and this is the result thus far.


We are a membership based Association, our primary goal the betterment of the membership and RideShare drivers. You do not have to be a RideShare Driver to be a member. Our membership is open to one and all as affiliate members or occupations related to RideShare may be voting members. That is not to say we won’t listen to input from affiliate members, because we will value any input you may have.

This is the beginning of our Association and we will publish relevant data here to this web site as it happens in hopes of keeping everyone up to date on all of whatever we are doing

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