Participants In Auto Purchase Programs

emptypocketsWe are trying to collect data on drivers that have purchased/Leased cars through any of the TNC’s Auto Purchase Programs. If you have purchased an auto through such a program would you please visit our site at Tell Us About It! and provide us details of your purchase. Please include your true contact info where requested as we may need to contact you later for specific details.

Drivers! If you know of a fellow driver that has purchased their car via a TNC Auto Purchase Program, please advise them of this request for information. You may be doing them a very good service by directing their attention to this request.

Information we seek: optima

  1. The Lender
  2. The Auto Year, Make, & Model
  3. Purchase Price
  4. Interest Rate
  5. Term of Loan ( How many Years)
  6. Financial Impact since rate reductions

Drivers please include the aforementioned information and any additional information you would like to into the comments section of the form provided. Thank You for your participation in this request for information. Tell Us About It!


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