Uber Driver Pay . . .

The following headline links to an article written by a Writer,  published by BUZZFEED. There is little that frustrates me more than the topic of driver pay for the Transportation Network Companies (TNC’s) such as Uber and Lyft. 

Uber Data And Leaked Docs Provide A Look At How Much Uber Drivers Make

Uber data suggests that drivers overall in three major U.S. markets — Denver, Detroit, and Houston — earned less than $13.25 an hour

Every day we are subjected to commercials, advertisments, and other information that leads the public to believe that TNC Drivers make good money, with an accompanying solicitation to join the TNC as one of their well paid drivers.  You have to ask yourself, “How do we stop these people from victimizing more people?”

Don’t misunderstand, there are TNC Drivers that do make good money. They are few and far between except the Upper Level Cars. The cars regulated by the Transportation Authorities, other cars above UberX, and cars working a Transportation Authority regulated market all appear to make good money. But for the rest of UberX, most are not making anything more than pennies. Drivers that want to know how their pay actually stacks up against the TNC claims of good money can do so by downloading the following spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will do all the calculations for you if you provide it your data correctly. Make sure to record your mileage from start to finish as that information is necessary to properly calculate your costs.

Driver’s Earnings Calculation Form

The thing I have learned most since working with Uber is, “If you have enough money and know how to lie convincingly, you can damn near get away with anything.” If you are considering working with Uber, please check the facebook groups, the various web sites that discuss the truth of Uber, and/or the many Driver Association web sites serving the TNC’s nation-wide. There is something wrong with a major corporation causing harm to so many people and nobody in government standing up to put an end to it. Even worse is the amount of drivers that do not realize they are being harmed by the TNC’s.


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