Okay Google?

A couple of days ago, I read that Google was fixing to jump into the “Ride-Hail” business. That announcement in itself did not set off any alarms in my head, or even pop up any read flags, but something bugged me about it.

Somebody tell me . . . Did I really read that Google planned on charging $0.54 per mile? 

Now, it is entirely possible that $0.54 per mile could work for Autonomous Cars. But, there is no way they could do this with a driver, and pay the driver. At least not as well as Google tends to pay the rest of their employees. I mean Google seems to be one of the bet plaes in the known world to find employment, as they have the reputation of not only being fair, but even spoil their workers. I haven’t heard where it is exactly, but I am sure Google has an 18 hole golf course at one of their campuses for worker use during work hours, and the Caddies make $30.00 per hour. (Okay so I am reaching out a bit on this, but if anyone were to do such, it would be Google.) I mean, as far as treating the worker good, Google I think may reign supreme. Don’t misunderstand, there are other companies that rate right up there with Google like Microsoft and Intel. But how is Google going to not fairly pay their drivers?

Is it possible that Google has plans on not paying the drivers? From the little bit of information made available thus far, it looks as though Google is going to set up to RideShare. RideShare is when a group of people share a vehicle to commute from home to work. As the drivers share the driving responsibilities, I believe the driver is unpaid for his time while all of the RideShare participants share the expense of the vehicle.  This would eliminate the use of a paid driver. The closest Uber has to RideShare is UberPool. For those of you that are stuck on Uber being RideShare, its not. Long ago the Courts said that Uber is not truely “RideShare” and that Uber did not even fit the RideShare model and thus the term “Ride-Hail” was chosen as the label for TNC’s such as Uber and Lyft.

Now consider this . . . What would happen if Google were to hire drivers and pay them well, while charging their Rider only $0.54 per mile and Google taking the loss? I believe Google has the ability and the resources to topple Uber’s control of the TNC Market quite easily. As a matter of fact, I believe Google could take the entire market without breaking a sweat. Sure it would cost Google a few billion dollars but Google would control the market and eliminate the driver expense by bringing on their Autonomous Cars. If Google hasn’t considered this, maybe they should.


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