Taxi School?

San Francisco Taxi School 415-202-3728

Have you considered what you will do if Uber, Lyft, & SideCar DO NOT work out for you? Uber already treats you like crap, pays you like crap, and doesn’t give asrftaxi crap if you like it or not. What previously was a cool specialty transportation service has now become nothing more than another cab company and most everyone of us sucks at being a Cab Driver. If Uber, Lyft, & SideCar are nothing but a quick way for you pick up some pocket change at the expense of your car’s equity then you likely already have a full time job doing something else.

But, if you don’t . . . And, you are considering actually driving a Taxi-Cab . . . Maybe you should invest the time to learn how to do it properly . . .

  • When you attend San Francisco Taxi School you will Be trained by experienced S.F. Taxi drivers.
  • We concentrate on giving you the knowledge to be successful in today’s market.
  • Yes you will be trained to pass the S.F.M.T.A. test but our focus is on what happens after you get in a taxi.
  • Free parking
  • No reservation needed.
  • No student has ever been turned away.

Why drive a real S.F. Taxi
instead of uber, lyft, or sidecar

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