Uber Dumps New Logo & Car Standards

Imagine my surprise when sitting in my car waiting for my “better half” to return from a store at “Creekside Plaza” this evening and seeing this car have to assume that Uber has dumped their brand new “toilet seat” logo. Being the curious individual that I am, I had to take a closer look

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As you can see, this car sports a new Uber logo affixed to the windshields, front, and rear. I am unsure the type of tape used to secure the logo to the windows, but it does not appear up to Uber or most Uber driver standards. Upon further inspection of the car, there is significant damage to the passenger side of the vehicle suggesting the car has participated in a “side-swipe” type of collision with scrapes and dents from the rear door to above the wheel well along the quarter panel.

While it is possible that Uber has authorized the use of a different logo, I seriously doubt that Uber has authorized the use of a damaged vehicle. But, I have to ask: As a Rider, would you get in this car? Really? Anybody that would be stupid enough to accept a ride in this car is an idiot. Why? Because drivers cannot just make up any logo they choose to fly on their window that demonstrates their partnership with Uber.

Next question: Is this person using the Uber App to obtain rides? If not, how is this driver getting passengers and compensation? How about it SF and East Bay drivers, can you shine any light on the subject? Is this really an Uber Driver?

I hate to support Uber’s policy on damn near anything, but on this it is necessary. Uber drivers are only authorized to fly the trademarked Uber logo and I believe the local Transportation Authority requires such logo be affixed to the car in both the front and rear windows. (Yes, I am aware that some drivers do not fly the trade dress logo at all.) And, I have yet to see or hear of any Uber vehicle being allowed to continue providing services subsequent to an accident that damaged the vehicle until cleared to return to work by an inspection by Uber. So,WTF!

Folks is this a good guy Uber driver just messing up, or has someone with less than legal intent decided to try to commit a crime while appearing to be an Uber? It has happened in the past. I can tell you one thing, something smells wrong about this . . . And our government failure to adequately regulate Uber is likely the cause.



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