If I Ran The Auto Purchase Program for the TNC’s . . .

Let’s just say by some miracle, I got to run the Auto Purchase Program for the TNC’s. How would it work?

First, were I the TNC’s I would separate myself from the Auto Purchase Program. I would farm such program out to one of the Drivers Associations and give them a donation  of around $250,000.00 to manage the program. Then I would get out of the picture and let the Drivers Association deal with any issues.

As the Association, I would contact the numerous car manufacturers to give me fleet pricing on a number of different autos that meet the specifications for use as a TNC Transportation car, and seek pricing for addition of any premium items to be included. When I got the best price the Manufacturers would offer, I would talk them down another $100.00 in fuel card to be given the new driver taking possession of the car. I would also sell the Dealership this fuel card.

I would contact the cooperating Dealerships and instruct them what car makes and models to sell the drivers. Drivers would be able to select from a list of specific vehicles. All selected models would seat five passengers plus the driver for a total of 6 seats, be Black on Black, 4 door sedans. My reasoning for this is that we are not going to be helping the driver purchase a car that does not provide the driver advancement into the better paid platforms of cars.

I would then contact Lenders. Each purchase to be given the lowest interest rates possible. All drivers would be able to purchase cars with little down payment, at fleet prices, per TNC specs, and no co-signer needed. The Association would serve as co-signer and if the loan defaulted the car could be turned into the Association to be used as a short term lease vehicle for drivers in need of such.

The end result would be that the driver would receive a better deal than he could get going to a dealership himself, better financing than going to their own bank, and it would actually benefit both the driver and the TNC’s. This is what is called a true “Win – Win” service. This is the kind of deal a reputable Corporation would offer their workers as an incentive to cooperate with the needs of the corporation.

The only other options that make sense, is either actually paying the drivers a reasonable rate instead of just paying the equity the driver is losing in  his car, or the TNC providing their own fleet of vehicles for driver usage.

I’ll bet you folks are wondering what I did with the $250,000.00 donated to the Association, aren’t you? These funds were put into an escrow account to serve as collateral for the auto loans for the cars purchased and not a penny spent for anything else.

I know, good fantasy! But, if Uber considers their Auto Purchase Program a benefit to the drivers . . . With 300,000 drivers nation-wide any manufacturer, financial institution, and salesman would trip over themselves to grab a piece of this type of arraignment. If the Cities, Counties, and State can purchase fleets this way, why can’t the TNC’s with a little creative financing and actually create a benefit for all concerned. The TNC’s presently have no intent of doing anything beneficial for the only actual income producing people working for the company, which is their failure as little by little those income producing disposable commodities are giving less and less for the company in return.


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