Things Are Not Turning Out . . .

LaughYou know, I have been doing this Uber/Lyft thing for a couple years now. And, things are just not turning out the way I thought they would . . .

When I started, “Make 5k per month working full-time in the City” was Uber’s lie. They didn’t say that it was 5k in fares, not earnings, or that they were going to reduce the rates a month and a half later leaving me unable to support the car I just got “Shafted” with through their Auto Purchase Program.

I hung on for close to a year watching them reduce rates on us a couple more times, to where it cost me money to drive for any of the TNC’s. Even back then working 40 hours a week was not enough to pay for my car, expenses, and make a reasonable earnings. For months I paid for my car from my other income until finally giving up and giving the Lender back the car.

Then after acquiring another car, which I had to have somebody else buy because I had a recent repossession on my credit, I gave it another go.  It took me no time at all to discover the TNC’s are not going to allow you to make a real living doing this, but what if they would?

You see, I thought Uber was an honest miracle that was going to create lots of jobs for the American Worker and help Americans seek the American Dream again. You have to understand that had Uber of created real honest to goodness jobs that would support a family, that Travis Kalanick would be an honest to goodness national hero, and Uber would need no marketing because it would be unAmerican not to use Uber. But sadly, Uber chose a different route.

Uber really had a good thing going prior to UberX. The upper level cars had plenty of work and made good money. Driving for Uber was cool and so were the Riders. Then UberX comes along and screws up the whole game. Do you realize nobody likes UberX, not even the upper level Ubers like UberX?

So, what good is UberX?

  • Nobody likes you, even your own company dislikes you.
  • 9 out of 10 UberX are not even making minimum wage.
  • The company you work for treats you like crap on a daily basis.
  • And, even the Riders give you shit over anything they can.
  • The end result is unemployment which you cannot claim because you are an Independent Contractor.
  • So, the end result is broke with a broke down car for all your efforts.

Where is the money, the claims of having a good job, and everything else Uber said to get you to take the job? Where’s the stock in the company that all the other Tech companies give their workers? Where is the opportunity to move forward with the company when they do away with our jobs? Wait!  What?

Travis Kalanick has already taken his billions to become a young billionaire, all the internal Uber employees are walking away with “bank” for their efforts. But the drivers that make Uber it’s only actual income, walk away empty handed. Does this seem right to you? Seems like somebody forgot to include me in the profitability make up of this company.

We pretty much lost the “class action” court cases that should have corrected the major issues between the drivers and the TNC’s. And Uber has no intent that the drivers should ever prosper from their efforts. Nope, things are not turning out like I thoiught they would. What can we do?

Come to the meeting of “The Alliance” on:

 Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 1:00 PM, 150 Executive Park Boulevard, San Francisco, CA. Admission is FREE

In the interim, join the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION to unify your voices for the future. It is FREE to join.


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