The UnSeen Uber Victims

All you need to know, is how to properly operate a calculator to ascertain that as an UberX Driver moneystress_thumb.pngyou are not making money. It really is not that difficult to do the math to calculate how much, if any money you earn per hour, per day, week and/or per month.  But, what do you do when you finally quit listening to the lies and do the calculations?  All of us “Bitch” about it. Some of us quit over it. And, yet others try to bring about change. By the time that the average driver ascertains that Uber has been playing them for a fool, their finances are already suffering. And what happens in every relationship where money problems become an issue.  Not many Drivers are talking about this topic. How many lives has Travis Kalanick been responsible for disrupting that we don’t see?

In every relationship the possibility of argument, fight, separation, and even divorce due to financial problems is a reality we all hope to never live. I wonder how many Uber Drivers have had their lives disrupted due to the likes of Travis Kalanick? I heard somewhere that Uber hires around 25k drivers per month. This is not due to Uber’s expansion. This is due to Uber’s turnover of drivers that are tired of getting hosed by Uber for free.

Presently the TNC’s like Uber and Lyft are providing incentives in the form of “Guarantees” to drivers to manipulate control of their drivers  to work when and where they want the drivers to work. What this means is that there are lots of cars with exhausted drivers out there trying to qualify to get a few extra bucks in their pay envelope by meeting ridiculous parameters set by the TNC’s like taking so many rides per hour.  All it takes is a single rider to cause you to not meet their goal and the driver loses. Drivers do not need bullshit guarantees and incentives to come to work, we need a decent rate that allows us to put food on our tables. Quite often these incentives are well beyond the driver’s capabilities or impossible to perform in the first place.

One of the first games I got to play with Uber, was the “Make 5k per month working in the City full-time” game. Uber helped me get a brand new car with a monthly payment over $900.00 per month and just about the time I learned that they meant 5k in fares which equaled less than half that in real money, then less than 2 months later they were going to reduce driver rates so we could not even make the 5k in fares. Within the first year Uber would reduce driver rates repeatedly leaving me unable to make enough money regardless the hours worked to pay for my car. It is like everything is part of a shell game with these TNC’s sometimes.

A Driver last evening separated from his wife, most of the issue financial. I started thinking back about my own relationships and the suffering my family has gone through since I got suckered in by Uber. And then, I look around me. My fellow drivers, how many of their lives have been subjected to “Disruption by Travis Kalanick?” I started thinking about it, damn near everyone I know doing this job working UberX is struggling to survive and having relationship problems, or too new on the job for the financial failure to catch up with them.

You see, it is not something Travis Kalanick is not aware of. Kalanick is surrounded by Attorneys and other folks that tell him everything that happens, that is Uber. He has people who monitors drivers activities both on and off the App. He hears every word that any driver puts to paper or Internet. And although I just came to the realization the harm working with Uber and the other TNC’s  have caused relationships, you can bet Travis Kalanick was well aware of this information a long time ago. It makes me wonder how many drivers have paced the floor at night, or sat crunching the numbers trying to figure out if it will cost them less not to drive than driving will, and how many arguments they have had with their significant other over profitability and where has the money gone?

I am not a Mental Health Professional, but I wonder if there isn’t a much higher cost being paid by the TNC Drivers, than the loss of money? I have watched the drivers go from being happy loving the job to spending every minute of their day angry because we hear the TNC’s telling the public how we make so much money, when in reality the UberX driver less the TNC manipulation money, cannot really make any reasonable income from doing the job.  I then think back to following the Senate Bills that were passed that govern what Ride-Hail services are today.

In at least one Senate Bill,

(5) “Transportation network driver” means an individual who:
98          (a) pays a fee to a transportation network company, and, in exchange, receives a
99     connection to a potential passenger from the transportation network company;
100          (b) operates a motor vehicle that:
101          (i) the individual owns, leases, or is authorized to use; and
102          (ii) the individual uses to provide transportation network services; and
103          (c) receives, in exchange for providing a passenger a ride, compensation that exceeds
104     the individual’s cost to provide the ride

You will note, it does not specify how much the pay is supposed to exceed the driver’s cost to provide the ride. When the Senate Bills relative to Ride-Hail Services/TNC Companies were written, the TNC’s were the primary input for many of the Senate Bills. There was very little input from drivers. When I found this information in the Senate Bill I raised hell about it and it was later explained to me that the aforementioned information was beneficial to the drivers. Today it appears as though it is the guide for UberX driver’s rates.

The TNC’s are well aware of the costs to provide the rides, both by Uber Logic and by standard business calculations. They likely also know the financial duress and the harm to relationships that such causes. I do not believe I have ever known a company in which such blatant disregard for the worker exists.


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