One Uber Driver’s Story: How He Was Trapped by Auto-Loan Program | News Fix | KQED News

Sometimes you just cannot make a bad thing good, and you have to roll with the punches.

One Uber Driver’s Story: How He Was Trapped by Auto-Loan Program | News Fix | KQED News

F-That. When you realize you did a stupid that allows some rich jerk to take further advantage of you, you do not want to roll with the punches. You want to break him open and leave him squealing like a bitch just to let him know that you do not appreciate his ruining you financially. Yes, I am pissed. But, not so much because I ended up like this. I am pissed because Uber not only has done this to me,they have done it to thousands of drivers . . . and they are getting away with it. Yes, I am embarrassed by my getting trapped in this situation, but not so embarrassed that I would not try to warn others of the risks of playing in Uber’s lack of ethics business model.

Anyway, this is my failure. I came to Uber believing their hype and trusting all the people they had on the front line that claimed we could make 5k per month working the City 40 hours per week. This was Uber’s first deceit. Yes you could make 5k per month, in Fares. 5k in fares equals approximately $2600.00 in real money. Months later and two rate reductions by Uber, now you barely can make your car payment. The article claims that a driver can make his car payment in approximately 10 hours. If Uber’s lips are moving, they are telling you a lie. It takes 3 days work to make the car payment and 2 days more to earn enough to cover the expenses of the first 3 days, and I find at the end of 40 hours I usually have paid out more than I earn per week.

People ask me why I still put up with Uber after all this and the financial losses yet to befall me. Have you ever felt that you cannot allow someone to get away with the wrongs they do because the wrongs are just that, wrong? Well, this is me and Uber. I love Uber. It is such a valuable service. Uber fills a very important need. And, the men and women that drive for Uber do a very good job. But Uber Management, is an unethical, non-caring, no pride, think they are special, bunch of two faced liars. And that is speaking lightly of them. I have never worked with any other company in which lies are so common place that you know it is a lie because they said it. Every driver hired by Uber has been and continues to be lied to by Uber. Every Politician, Government Agency and Office that Uber interacts with has been lied to by Uber, and the lies continue. And, every person that has read any media report or heard anything about Uber in the news, has been and continues to be lied to by Uber. This is why I am still here, part of Uber.

Somebody has got to take Uber to task. Somebody has to stop this overly aggressive beast called Uber from running rough shod over the entire Nation without accepting responsibility for any of their wrong doings. Presently there are possibly 200,000 drivers that work with Uber. Uber has deceived each and every one of these drivers, telling the drivers they are earning far more than what they are earning in reality, leaving drivers hung out on a limb with inadequate insurance, and lying to every community served about valuable jobs they create. Uber has the Legislature making laws that prevent drivers from earning a reasonable income. Uber has lied to the Nation claiming they have created thousands of quality jobs, which is another lie. And, Uber has plans of making the drivers pay to make the Autonomous cars that they plan to replace the drivers with in the near future, without adequately paying the drivers for their labor. These are the truths of Uber, and the reason I still play the Uber game.

Remember my first paragraph where I vented in detail what I would like to do to all that is Uber. Well, since doing such would likely end up in my being incarcerated in a local penitentiary, I chose a different path.  I created the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION because I believe the Drivers need a representative to voice the opinions of the Drivers in the future. I never intended that I would lead this Association, but for the moment it appears as though I am. I believe we can make a difference for the better of the Ride-Hail industry with adequate drivers behind us. We believe there is far too much at risk for far too many people to allow things to continue on as they currently are without some form of protections for the drivers, the Government, and the communities affected. Sure it angers me that Uber got over on me, but it angers me even more that Uber has gotten over on each and every one of you and continues to do so. The US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION is open for almost anyone to join. We may represent the drivers of the Ride-Hail Industry, but we encourage others to become involved as such input may be helpful in improvement in many a situation.



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