Coincidence or Collusion?

Is the new requirement for Business License in San Francisco just coincidental to the Class Action Gerald-G-Balance-Scalesettlement or is it a case of collusion between Uber and local government?

It is not a secret that Uber does most everything by deceit and manipulation. So is it just a coincidence that the City of San Francisco is requiring drivers to suddenly obtain business license while at the same time the class action case that was supposed to resolve if drivers are employees or Independent Contractors is being settled?

The class action case I refer to is the O’Connor(California) and Yucesoy (Massachusetts) cases which was supposed to determine the employment status of the drivers, employee or Independent Contractor but failed to do so. How a Court can accept a settlement in a case leaving such an important issue unresolved while allowing the settlement to further subject drivers to the abuse of being Uber’s Independent Contractors makes you wonder how such a decision was reached or is acceptable. Then subsequent to the settlement decision, along comes the City demanding Uber and Lyft drivers obtain business licenses by a certain date. Even if the Court has not yet resolved the issue, the requirement of a business license is like requiring the drivers agree they are Independent Contractors. Is this really by coincidence? How is it that almost every City nation-wide has allowed Uber and Lyft to operate contrary to local laws without even the basic requirements met as required for other transportation services? How is it that there are so many UberX drivers being paid less than a minimum wage without government intervention?

Worse than this however is the failure of the Court cases to provide any form of protection for the drivers. Every concession acheived by these cases provide nothing of substance, everything is still subject of dictate by Uber. Nothing in this settlement allows for any real representation for drivers in adversarial matters. There is nothing in this settlement that provides any true representation of drivers at all. And, if nothing else should have been provided out of this settlement, representation for drivers should have been key to the settlement.

Everything Uber makes you wonder the question of coincidence or collusion. Is ir really by coincidence that Uber continues to run rough shod around the Country and nobody does anything about it?

Most drivers find the settlement of the class action cases ridiculous and offensive. But, what  can you say abolut it? Most drivers will recieve less than a couple hundred dollars. The Attorneys will take home millions of dollars. Kalanick will take home billions of dollars and most the Country looks questionable of ethic, but Uber will continue regardless of coincidence or collusion.

Drivers interested in further discussion of Uber andf :Lyft related issues are invited to join the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION   The US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION  is a member of The Alliance which is some of the existing driver’s associations joining forces with the Teamsters to bring about change that the aforementioned court cases failed to.

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