Gonna Go Get Me A Good Friday Night . . . Folks, I have to be the biggest idiot in the world. I remember Friday nights when you made money. Well this stuff is damn near as ridiculous as it gets.
Okay for sake of giving any time I goofed off last night I am going to trim a little time off my clock. I am even going to trim my mileage back. Let me show you my big Friday night
Now, there is little doubt that I was constantly working as I stayed busy with 2.75 rides per hour. In four hours, I drove 60 miles, earned $79.74 in fares, paid  $13.75 to Uber as commissions, paid $33.60 in car expense at $0.56 per mile, paid $11.00 in Safety Fees, and made a Net Profit of $21.39 or $5.35 per hour before taxation. $5.35 per hour is not minimum wage in the State of California and it most certainly is not acceptable wages for a job well done. Yes, per my trip sheet I received all 5’s last night. So I did my job, did it well, and all I am worth before taxes is $5.35 per hour. Does anyone else have a problem with this? Now, let me show you the discovery I made this morning. While my net profit for the 4 hours is $21.39,   Uber collected $24.75 from me. That’s right folks . . . $13.75 commission at 20% and $11.00 in Rider/Safety Fees for a total of $24.75. This is disgusting! I do the work, I do the time, I kiss Uber and the Rider’s ass, and Uber makes $3.36 more than I do? Is this what “fair” compensation is? To heck with being angry for being paid so little, I am embarrassed to say I work for such a low amount as a Net earnings, or an hourly rate.

Okay, let’s discuss this like adults should. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR RIDER’S FARES AND DRIVER’S RATES TO BE JOINED TOGETHER TO GIVE RIDER’S A LOWERED RATE! In other words, Uber can lower Rider’s fares anytime they want with no impact on Driver’s rates. Mathematics are really cool. You can move numbers in many a direction to take from one column to the next and make money do just what you want it to do. In our case,why did Uber find it necessary to cause driver’s to suffer exorbitant loss, to compensate for a “Sales” promotion? Actually, the drivers suffer while Uber increases the amount received in Riders Fees which probably has doubled since January. Uber could have left drivers earnings at the rate they were and reduced rider fares by either subtracting the costs from Uber’s 20% or by just allowing the costs to add to a total to write off as a Sales expense and not caused any harm to drivers.

There is never a need to link Rider Fares to Driver Rates in the manner Uber has done to compensate for sales promotion, and this is what they have done. Uber has created a Sales Promotion at the expense of the Drivers earnings, and even increased Uber’s income in doing so. Uber’s claims that by creating a need for drivers due to increased ridership because Rider Fares have been reduced as a means of providing more income to the Driver is, how should I say it . . . WRONG! It also lacks any sort of ethics and quite possibly speaks to the integrity of Uber. Mind you, my earnings for last evening include some surge earnings also, so I actually made less than recorded.

What does this mean to me? It means I am upset. Okay more than upset, I am angry. But, I am not angry because Uber screwed the driver for their little sales promotion that didn’t work. I am mad about something else I observed last night. Uber has become another Taxi-Cab company. There is no longer anything special about Uber. We didn’t like Taxi services because Taxi Drivers always seemed angry, now it is Uber Drivers driving around angry. We didn’t like Taxi Drivers because they weren’t helpful or cooperative in picking us up or dropping us off, now it is the Uber Drivers that do not want to cooperate with Rider needs. EVERYTHING WE DIDN’T LIKE ABOUT TAXI CABS, IS WHAT UBER IS BECOMING TODAY. Is this what we want? I never wanted to be a Taxi Driver. I never wanted to be disliked like a Taxi Driver. I wanted to be a Uber Driver. Uber Drivers are not Taxi Drivers, until tomorrow. And, if we are not going to be Uber Drivers, why should we be treated any different than Taxi Drivers? Why should there be separate rules for the new Uber Taxi Company? We are going to be just another Taxi Company tomorrow, so why not be treated like a Taxi Company today. We are an offense to ourselves and the communities we serve. The only real difference between us and any other cab company is we don’t pay some of our drivers even a minimum wage. To compensate for this we make fools of Reporters by feeding them false data and lie to the world at large claiming Uber Drivers make a larger income than they really do. Why? What in Heavens name do you think Uber stands to gain from this? What good is going to be achieved by turning Uber into the next Cab Company in town.

I believe Uber has done a serious dis-service to the communities they serve and to the drivers they employ. The community does not want another Taxi Cab Company, regardless if hailed from a street corner or by Uber App. Drivers do not want ot be Taxi-Cab Drivers with no uniqueness or pleasantry to the job. We want to enjoy and take pride in being Uber Drivers, providing  a quality and much needed service to the markets we serve and the Riders we transport. This is what Uber is losing because of the intentional abuse they are directing towards their drivers, and it embarrasses me because I want to be the Uber Driver I was hired to be.


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