Understanding Uber Logic

All new Uber Drivers are immediately exposed to Uber Logic right from the start. What is Uber Logic? Is it safe to allow Uber Logic to run around in your head unsupervised? Does Uber Logic cause brain damage? These are all important questions. But, are you really ready for the answers?

Uber Logic: Is the alteration of common sense information to produce an absolutely stupid assessment  of what  and how things are intended to be.

How does Uber Logic work? Well when using Uber Logic, things like your car, your cell phone, and your time are all considered as already acquired. Thus, since you already have a car, it can be your Uber Car at no additional costs to you.  Do you understand what I am saying? You already have a car, so you already have a car payment, insurance, maintenance, and other car related items, so why not use them as an income resource. Still not striking home for you?  let’s  try it this way . . .

  • You already own a car, so use it to make money.
  • If you did not use your car to make money you would still have the car payment.
  • Your car is just sitting there, use it to make  money.

Now all of this is just fine until you understand that what is meant is that they expect you to use your car for work and not consider the expense related because you already have the car, thus you already have the expense.

Uber Logic = You already have the expense so using it to make money is not an additional expense, it is an existing expense.

So if you follow Uber Logic, everything you own that you use to work with Uber, that you would have as an expense regardless of working with Uber is not a expense when using it when working with Uber. Yes, let that rattle around in your head a few minutes.

Does this mean that since I would have the expense of a car regardless of working with Uber, that the car I bought that cost me $950.00 per month for the car payment, $200.00 per month for Insurance, $440.00 per month (minimum) for Fuel, $90.00 per month for Tolls, $70.00 per month to Wash, and $40.00 per month for Essentials are my personal use expenses that I would have regardless of working with Uber so these expenses should not be considered part of my earnings equation?

This is what Uber Logic says is the reality. You already own it, you already have the expense, so it does not factor into your earnings or loss when using it to work with Uber.

Adverse effects of following Uber Logic have been identified and should you suffer any of these symptoms, please consult somebody that has a brain in their head that is in true working condition. Watch for any of the following symptoms:

  • You use your personal car to work with Uber and do not maintain records of mileage and expense as though a real business expense.
  • You fail to see that the commercial use of your vehicle is decreasing  the life of your car.
  • When you calculate your actual earnings working with Uber and you do not factor in the mileage driven as part of your earnings calculation.
  • Or, you fail to notice that there is a difference between Riders Fare and Drivers Rate amounts and that 5k per month is not what you earn but what Uber charges.

Another Uber Logic is working more to earn more, or less. Uber decided to reduce Rider’s fares with the logic that by reducing Rider Fares they would increase ridership and thereby increase Driver earnings, and it works . . .  For Uber.

Uber reduced the Rider Fares by reducing the rates they pay the Drivers, requiring the drivers work twice as much and expend twice the expense to receive the same earnings previously earned. Uber Logic claimed that by increasing the ridership the drivers would achieve more income, which fails to be true for the driver. The Uber Logic does however work out well for Uber who not only continued to get their 20 to 28% from drivers, but was able to double up on the amount of money they received from Rider Safe Rider Fees.

How this actually equates is the driver does

  • twice the work,
  • twice the expense,
  • for the same pay
  • while Uber gets their same 20 to 28 percent off the top,
  • plus Uber gets a minimum of twice the Rider Safety Fees.

Uber Logic said the drivers would earn more, which is untrue. The Drivers earned twice the work and twice the expense but no increase in income.

The figures that Uber presents the public regarding driver’s pay is always Uber Logic. Uber has consistently made claims that drivers make outrageous amounts of income. To do this Uber claims that a driver makes maybe $35.00 per hour. To arrive at this figure Uber selectively mines their database to provide results such as this:

  • $35.00 per hour
  • Driver made 10 trips for a total fare amount of $140.00
  • Driver worked 4 hours

What Uber Logic does not disclose is that Uber only counts the time worked as the time the Driver has a Rider in his car because the only time a driver is paid is when a rider in his car.

Uber Logic does not factor:

  • The time or mileage from the time the Rider pings to the pick up location
  • Travel between locations when returning from a drop off without a return passenger.

Everybody remembers those word math questions from school? You know, “If a train left left point #A with 8 Apples . . . ” Well here is one for you:

  • If a Uber Driver accepts a ride 3 (5 minutes travel time) miles from the Rider pick up location
  • then transports the Rider 4 miles ( 5 minutes getting the Rider into the car 10 minutes travel time and 3 minutes unloading the Rider)  to a different location to drop him off for a rifer fare of $10.00
  • and then the driver travels 7 miles (15 minutes travel time due to traffic) to return to his original location,
  • How many miles and  how much time does the driver get paid for?

In this example the driver has worked 38 minutes from ping to return to original location and traveled 14 miles. But how much of this does the driver get paid for? The driver is paid only from the time the Rider is in the drivers car, or in this case 4 miles and 13 minutes. Uber Logic says that the driver only worked for 13 minutes to earn the fare in this case. The driver actually worked  38 minutes and traveled 14 miles for a fare amount of $10.00. The real math on the fare is $10.00 less $2.00 for Uber percentage and less $1.00 Rider Safety Fee equals $7.00 for 38 minutes and 14 miles. This is Uber Logic.

WARNING! Uber Logic can damage brain cells leaving intelligent people stupid. Uber Logic is contagious, spreading by simple conversation. Too much exposure to Uber Logic has been known to reduce children to expendable commodities. Uber Logic should never be used without direct adult supervision.


2 thoughts on “Understanding Uber Logic

  1. This was not written by me. This was written by a gent by the name of Charles Kruger of CADA. And I thank him for his insight.

    Employers — ALL employers — have responsibilities to the people they employ. It is a social contract, and it is always right and proper to hold people to that contract. “Get another job” is only one possible response to mistreatment; it is not the only reasonable one. For workers without capital to invest, there IS a figurative “gun to our head” to take whatever is dished out or else walk away. There is a long history of workers learning to stand and fight. We are the ones who bring in the money — we are entitled to fair compensation, decent treatment, and profit proportionate to our investment of labor and what little capital we have (i.e., our personal cars). I am not one to see the devil behind every company, but I don’t think it is good policy — socially or personally — to disparage people who want to fight for a fair piece of the pie which we help to bake.


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