Drivers, Let’s Stop This . . .

There is little more to be said about the Drivers being quite angry with Uber over lowered rates and reduced income. We get it, they get it, everyone but Travis Kalanick gets it. But, we may be doing irreparable harm to ourselves in our acts demonstrative of dissatisfaction with Uber. We as Uber Drivers have to be concerned about what the public thinks yelpof us and their trust in us. What all the drivers have to realize is Travis Kalanick did not make Uber what it is today. Sure he brought the App and the money to the game, but the drivers were what made Uber cool, cool then made it popular. When the “cool” is gone, Uber becomes just another Cab Company.

I observed this pic on one of our  FaceBook Group sites earlier today and it bothered me. It didn’t bother me that drivers were cancelling rides because of distance, because it makes no sense to take a ride that doesn’t pay. This is Uber’s fault, not the drivers fault at all. If Uber wants to pay us to drive, I believe most of us take the ride. Again, this wasn’t what bothered me.

What bothered me was the first few words on this Yelp Review: “Beware of Uber.” This is not cool. This doesn’t say that drivers are cancelling rides that they cannot profit from since Uber  dropped the rates so far that for a driver to make a buck the driver has to play the guarantees or work the surge, this says, “Beware of Uber.”

Then at the end; “Drivers are rude and constantly try to screw you. It is no longer a premier service and something everyone should avoid.” This is as damning as it gets. But, look around you. Uber has taken the cool, the cooperation, the friendly out of driving for Uber by taking the money away. Nobody expects to get rich working with Uber, and the Riders are already convinced by Uber’s lies and deceptions to believe all Uber drivers are making bank. The truth is that many of us, most of the UberX drivers are not even making a minimum wage any more.

This is not the Riders fault. This is Ubers fault. Our argument is not with the Riders whom I believe we are getting angry with because we are no longer able to provide the “cool” Uber services  we used to. Uber is the reason the Riders rarely give us tips. Uber lied to the Riders long ago and a driver telling riders that Uber drivers should be tipped like any other service industry only serves to make the Rider believe the Driver trying to scam him. Again this is Uber’s fault.

I believe we need to turn this around a bit before we turn this whole gig to “shit” unable to recover from it. Drivers please stop being angry for Uber’s actions. Again Uber is to blame for the lies about tipping and the rate reductions, be angry at Uber, but not the Rider. Regardless of anything the Rider does, they are our “bread-n-butter” so to speak. Okay, only bread, and from a discount bakery store, but it is not the Rider to blame.  So, let’s get back to being as cool as we used to be for the Rider. If Uber has not figured out by now that we are tired of being treated like crap, they never will. Sooner or later we will find a way to take it to Uber and fix this. Until then, give the rider a break . . .


20 thoughts on “Drivers, Let’s Stop This . . .

  1. yes it is drivers fault. the Moslim drivers that are rude to their passengers cause this. it only takes a small percentage of rude drivers to give us all a bad name. I often hear how I am the best driver they have had and they want to be able to request me. then I hear the horror stories of Arabic Drivers kicking them out for slamming the door on accident. or just rude behavior from east Indian drivers.


  2. I’m in total agreement with you..we need to find ways to the get respect from Uber that we deserve..the more we build our membership the more power we can hold..we are not asking for much..but Uber doesn’t seem to care about what we want..this has got to change..

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  3. Regarding the comments about Muslim drivers being rude…I have found all of them to be quite pleasant. In fact, one of them gave me his cell phone # and I schedule trips directly with him. Usually $10, one way. I can even call him just 20 minutes ahead of time, and if he is free, he skips other Uber fares to drive me. And one time, he couldn’t drive me, but he got one of his other Muslim Uber driver friends to get me. If you think Muslim Uber drivers are rude, they probably think you are rude, too.

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    • NW you do realize it was not I that said Muslim Drivers were rude. I said that Uber Drivers needed to stop being rude for the benefit of us all. Actually, I said stop being angry with the Riders they’re our bread and butter, be mad at Uber.


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