Silicon Valley to millennials: Drop dead –

I have figured it all out . . . Economist predicts economic failure in about 26 days!

Silicon Valley to millennials: Drop dead –

For the past year or so, economists have been predicting we will have a very serious financial failure in this Country leading to the worst recession/depression in the history of America. Travis Kalanick may be the cause of this financial failure. He has already disrupted millions of jobs. He has already destroyed over 162,000 jobs that Uber itself created. Yellow Cab in Chicago just filed for bankruptcy. Cab companies, Limousine Companies, and every other transportation provider has suffered since Uber entered their towns. Travis Kalanick claims he is going to disrupt the economy and build a new economy in it’s wake. I think he is going to continue disrupting jobs and instead of replacing those jobs with good jobs, he is going to continue to add employment that is not sustainable in the long run.

If economist predictions are correct, the United States will suffer a severe disruption of employment/jobs and fall into a severe depression that will last for close to ten years and every part of America will suffer. The subject story supports the idea that Technology Companies are disposing of the young Tech Workers like they’re unimportant to the future of America.  Look at how much damage Uber leaves trailing behind them. Do you realize Uber made over 162,000 good paying family supporting jobs, and turned them into poverty level part-time jobs with no future as Uber is planning on the future with the autonomous car. It matters not that the affected jobs could have been maintained as quality employment for at least the next 5 years, Uber decided to destry the jobs just recently by dropping driver rates so low it is impossible for most UberX drivers to make a reasonable living.

But Uber is just one of the problems. It appears that a lot of the Technology companies are doing similar to tech workers, using them as necessary and then casting them aside in the quest to become billionaires without obligation or commitment to the economy. I wonder what it would feel like to be so wealthy that I would not care if I destroyed the American economy? Would such a person feel powerful or stupid?

Every business in America today regardless of where they are has an obligation to this Country to build a sustainable economy, keep America working, and keep America strong. Uber had been in a prime position to be the American hero company. By creation of so many jobs when America needed jobs for an already displaced work force, Uber demonstrated themselves a valuable industry. Uber would have been able to wear a white hat and would have had the respect of the entire Country. Uber would have been a cherished name nation-wide. Uber would not of even had to advertise to attract ridership as it would have been damn near un-American  not  to use Uber.

There is a very strong possibility that Travis Kalanick and Uber’s Investors may very well bring about the new economy of nation-wide depression in the near future. But don’t worry, while all of us are looking for government assistance to buy a loaf of bread, there will be robotic cars running all over our cities at rates that none of us will be able to afford anyway. Kalanick , are you about to make history boy? 


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