Exercise In Futility

What do you think of a person that let’s people join his facebook group while he has premeditation to try to make a fool out of them, simply because they do not follow his agenda relative to Uber.  Read the area noted in the following paragraph:

WHY I’ve allowed Uber drivers to join and post:

As long as they do not shill for uber or another rideshare, I’ve allowed some uber drivers to post and share here. Some make honest points about how they are suffering and how horrible the company is BUT MOST (pretty much ALL) continue to post about selfish issues.
Which makes for great screen capturing and a perfect example of how selfish and corrupt these people are.

Before any issue of how they drive human beings around without insurance in vehicles that are falling apart, how they are defrauding their own lease, insurance, warranty and rental providers or how they and uber deceive the general public, they whine about profits and the number of drivers on the road competing with them.

Without even realizing how selfish and evil it sounds, they continue to whine and cry for their own pockets over HUMAN LIFE.

If they had any sense of decency or an IQ high enough to realize, they wouldn’t even be on the road.

The terms of their fraudulent contracting and deceptive marketing are right there in front of them but they continue to do it.

When all of the jacks are in their boxes and Uber is finally forced to deal with the massive amount of criminal and financial damages they throw at the general public, they are ultimately going to play ignorant and throw these people under the bus.
They have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pasties world wide to point the finger at and each of these people are out there right now driving around, setting themselves up for it.

These selfish and ignorant posts they make will forever serve as proof that they were just as culpable as Uber. Rich Brunelle Enrique Estrada

Isn’t this guy saying that the reason he lets Uber driver’s and such join his group is so we can provide fuel for his rant while he acts as a friend or at least a person of trust. I am Rich Brunelle, you will note my name tagged by the writer above, baiting my participation in the conversation. The writer of the aforementioned text is of the opinion that Uber Driver’s Insurance is inadequate for the company to be operating within the Transportation Industry. I DO NOT have a problem with his opinion. As a matter of fact, I agree with his opinion. But, his opinion is only valid to a certain degree. In States such as California, the State Government has signed off on the levels and forms of insurance provided by Uber and the drivers. And, this insurance requirement is only relative to the Unregulated cars such as UberX. The Upper level Uber cars such as the SUV’s and Limousines are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and carry the required “Commercial Insurance” like any other commercial vehicle. And, these vehicles would likely be working local transportation regardless of Uber. So, the writer wants to destroy Uber in it’s entirety based upon the unregulated cars.

While there is a serious need for something to be done about Uber, destruction is likely not an option. Uber is already slated for destruction by it’s own CEO, who intends to continue disruption of the “car-for-hire” services world-wide to bring about his autonomous cars as soon as possible. Kalanick has thus far been able to force, manipulate, or “lawyer-up” to gain access to almost every market in the world by claiming Uber is not a Transportation Company, but a Technology Company. So, Uber is not required to operate under the same requirements as the Transportation Services. The Taxi and Limousine Services that have been providing services for many years use the telephone to contact the Taxi or Limousine Companies, where someone answers the phone and dispatches a car to do the job. With Uber and the other TNC’s, you push a button on your smartphone, and do you know what it does? It calls the TNC computerized dispatch who sends a vehicle to do the job. The difference is the human answering the phone at the Taxi or Limo company manually enters the data into a computer for dispatch while the software in your smartphone transmits the information to Uber’s computers. THE ONLY TRUE DIFFERENCE IS WITH ONE THE HUMAN VOICE GOES OVER THE PHONE LINE, WHILE WITH THE OTHER YOU GET TO HEAR THAT MODEM SOUND OF THE COMPUTERS TALKING TOGETHER! Yes, Uber is nothing more than the newest Cab Company on the block!

With that in mind, Uber should not have a single unregulated car working our City streets. In fairness to the other writer, Insurance is a serious issue. But were Uber regulated the issue of insurance would no longer be an issue. And this is true of all of the other serious issues for Uber’s cars. Regulation would require fingerprint background checks, Hybrid vehicles, Commercial Insurance, and in many cities Drug Testing. So, I believe regulation the need vs. the other writers need for destruction of Uber. But, apparently the other writer believes he is the only advocate for correcting the wrongs committed by Uber and chooses to insult, berate, and offend in any way he can to make his opinion known.


I, on the other hand have a different opinion. I believe that our Government has failed to do the jobs they are paid to do. Our government has allowed Uber to spread world-wide turning jobs that were supportive of family into jobs that provide for the Corporation instead of the worker. Uber has been allowed to flourish City by City regardless of law while the Government fails to protect the very people it licensed to provide the services. It just does not make any sense to me to have to buy a license\medallion\Permit or any other Government required authority, if somebody else can do the same job without having to buy the same thing I had to. This is a failure of Government to do their jobs. The very people elected and paid to guard the hen house done sold the coop down the river! You cannot even blame Kalanick, hardly a sole,  nation-wide even tried to stop him. Who do you think the Country is going to blame when you have 10 million people unemployed and our economy screeches to a halt? And who do you think is going to pay for the disruption damage created by Uber and friends. While Uber continues to pay only the Corporation, the American Tax Payer will be stuck with the clean-up bill.

Regardless, the other writer in this story is stuck on the Insurance issue. Me, I see the fall of the whole US Economy due to somebody coming up with the idea of the “sharing\Gig Economy” and the US Population following it without considering the possible ramifications. I mean, wasn’t America like that 50 – 60 years ago, and the American Worker had to fight their way out of poverty? There were reasons why these industries became subject to regulation, do we really have to relive that part of our history?

Of particular interest to me is a sentence in an article in the Austin Business Journal yesterday.

“Violating the city’s for-hire ground-transportation regulations if they charge passengers more than the federally defined mileage reimbursement rate plus tolls and parking costs.”

Suddenly it lights a light above my head, is this why Uber continues to cut rates. Is Kalanick trying to achieve compliance with the laws by meeting such a law for Unregulated Uber cars? This is not so far fetched as it may sound. Uber had it written into one of the Senate Bills that the drivers only need be compensated more than what it cost the driver to do the transport.

Is it possible that there is no “race to the bottom” due to competition, and the rate reductions are how Uber meets the regulations noted above allowing UberX to operate less regulation? Could this be why any form of regulation would cause the failure of Uber’s Business Model? Is UberX really “just your friend with a car” that is only allowed reimbursement for expenses? This has got to be just a coincidence, doesn’t it? Is this why there has been no Government ability to put an end to Uber’s running rough shod nation-wide? Are we all being conned into driving for Uber with the intent that the unregulated cars are never supposed to make money over the amount of our expenses transporting a Rider? Do the math, this is pretty much what UberX is getting paid today, or less.

Regarding the other writer part of this story. You will note, I neither called out his facebook group name, nor the name of any person part of his facebook group. I am pretty sure I have good reason for that. Or, maybe it is because I am not a “dick” that tries to set people up to be humiliated or subjected to ridicule for not sharing my opinion.

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