The TNC’s Have The Money . . .

Transportation Network Companies (TNC’s) like Uber and lyft obviously have the money Monetybag.jpgto pay their drivers a reasonable rate as they have been manipulating drivers for the past couple of weeks with all sorts of incentives and guarantees.

Uber and Lyft appear to have some sort of issue with conducting business as it should be conducted. Rather than pay their drivers a fair rate and offering discounted fares to the Riders, both companies have been making the drivers foot the expense for the discounts given. This has left many a driver financially distraught of which the TNC’s show no concern. Uber and Lyft, rather than pay all of the drivers a reasonable rate, choose to offer a variety of incentives designed to manipulate drivers to do as the TNC’s want. Both TNC’s say that drivers are Independent Contractors and not employees and as such are not controlled by the TNC. Control by manipulation is still control.

Look at this logically. If you cut your workers pay to just barely above his expenses causing the worker financial duress, and then later offer that same worker a bunch of bonus deals if the worker performs as you want. How much more control can an employer have over a worker? And, how does it end?
Uber and Lyft operate with the belief that if you reduce rates, then reduce fares, it will cause more people to use their services, and drivers will earn more. In reality it leaves the driver having to work twice as hard to earn what he earned yesterday while doubling the drivers expenses. Mysteriously, the TNC’s always seem to realize an increase in revenue when using this math. Presently, it is commonplace for drivers to earn a negative amount on a trip, while Uber and/or lyft still receive a positive payment for the trip. That’s what I said, a driver can be charged instead of paid for a trip and Uber still collects their money. How does it end, you ask?

It ends with another rate cut, forcing the worker further into financial loss and then the incentives stop. There is nothing more distressing than watching yourself fall deeper and deeper into an abyss of debt without a real income, or working your butt off trying to make a living, when there is not the ability to do so. Nobody should be expected to work any job in the United States for less than a “living wage” regardless Contractor or Employee, Doctor, Lawyer, or Dishwasher. Every occupation is necessary for us as a society.

Today, in America, the very thought that you might find yourself working in a position without government protections. Even worse, today we should no longer need such protections, our society should have evolved enough by now that employers took care of their workers and workers put forth the effort necessary to ensure the company successful. Maybe it’s just me  believing in a better society  and a better quality of life, but shouldn’t we have evolved to better than what we used to be?

It just seems to me like the TNC’s are turning the clock backwards to a period prior to Unionization, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Worker getting a “piece of the pie.” And, I do not understand why anybody finds this acceptable. All you have to do is look back into history to realize we have already “been there, done that.” Why do we want to do it again? History may in fact repeat itself, but does it have to go back to the beginning for the repeat? But, we are not actually repeating history, are we? No, we have entered into a new period of Corporate Greed the likes of which we have never before experienced. The TNC’s today realize the adverse impact they are providing their workers, and they are pleased by it.

emptypockets.pngMost of the “Sharing/Gig ” Economy companies today care not a bit for their workers. In the case of the TNC’s, they intend for the harm to happen. Our Government is supporting the TNC actions as though they are in partnership with them. The TNC’s do not care if they run millions of hard working men and women into bankruptcy to do their intended task of disrupting the “Car-for-Hire” industries. The TNC’s hope to cause the disrupted worker enough harm that they will not have the financial resources to do anything about it. There is very little chance that this will not have a very costly impact on the United States. And, it will be the Tax-Payers that clean up the damage caused while Corporations like Uber and Lyft seek to serve only themselves.


6 thoughts on “The TNC’s Have The Money . . .

  1. As long as the TNC’s have enough drivers there will not be a change this is called law of supply and demand. If one does not like the pay he is getting than one should quit driving and reduce the amount of drivers and pay out will increase so the drivers left will get more.

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    • For the most part you have got it right. But, do we have to allow them to get away with what they are doing? It was so much different when I was young. We knew the difference between right and wrong and we wanted to improve the world. Getting us to take a stand and fighgt for a cause was easy. Not so true any more. Folks just do not seem to care, even when it impacts them directly.


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  3. I have been driving for both Uber and Lyft for over a year-and-a-half and I do not see myself in your post. I feel I make very good money for working 42 hours a week.
    I have filled out one annual tax return in the mileage deduction made a huge impact on my tax bill. I feel like I have considerably more money in my pocket and available for anything I need then I did when I was working harder and another job.
    Maybe I’m lucky because I drive in a good town, maybe I’ve been at it long enough that I know how to maximize my earnings but somehow I find the entire system works very well for me and that includes the depreciation on my vehicle.
    I’m not sure where you get your insurance information but the TNC provides Insurance anytime you are on the app.


    • Corny, do you drive UberX, in the US, and in what State? I would love to discover that you are the success story you claim to be, because it would make me happy to see somebody not screwed by Uber. Granted, I know there are a few drivers out there that make a few bucks, but I have yet to meet one.


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