Some Places Want Uber . . .

I first saw this video over on the web site where it received very little interest. But, I see the value of Uber as a service much needed world-wide. Now, if we could just get the boss to quit screwing us over, maybe even we would want Uber again. The truth is Uber does provide an excellent service, or did before pissing off all the drivers by making their jobs nothing more than poverty level.

Regardless, some parts of the world want Uber even now. It is a shame that nobody is telling these communities how bad Uber is going to shit on everybody, lie, betray, and desert once it gets what it wants. Anyway, Vancouver is looking for Uber to come to their town . . . Check out their video




Wish we could get that jazzed about Uber. We did before . . . and look where that got us!

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