Uber Does Not Have The Right . . .

The most damning thing Uber has done in it climb to where it is today, is cause harm to the communities it served by destruction of the very jobs Uber created. The Uniteduberlogo_large_verge_medium_landscape-160x140 States has been struggling for years to improve it’s economy, and it’s lack of good employment for workers that have been struggling since the Great Depression of 2007. The depression which was supposed to have ended by 2009 left behind a big chunk of America that was still unemployed or not adequately employed and still continues today.

Uber and other Ride-Hail Services came on the scene about 4 years or so ago, and started creating jobs. Lots of jobs. Better than that, lots of good paying jobs. The Ride-Hail Services have created over 160,000 jobs across America, improving the lives of many and bringing many unemployed back to the workforce. They went even further and created jobs that made those that held those jobs were also their own small business. Until recently, the workers that held these jobs were able to support their families and hold their heads high. Uber changed all of it. Uber literally has destroyed all of the jobs created leaving the jobs as poverty level and devastating the workforce they created.

Recently Uber cut rates to such a degree that almost every driver is unable to make expenses. Of the few that are making their expenses, few are making even minimum wage for their efforts. Many opted to purchase new vehicles to work with Uber only to be left saddled with debt they can no longer earn enough to pay. We all know Uber has pushed the envelope with violating numerous local and Sate laws, but the true crime committed by Uber is their failure to take responsibility for maintaining the jobs they created.

Yes, I have heard all the arguments that Uber does not have to do such, that drivers can seek employment elsewhere if not happy with the scraps Uber throws them. But, where do we draw the line on the responsibility for a business to serve their community? If Uber was financially failing and needed to cut jobs to survive it would be acceptable to cut rates or reduce jobs. But, this is not the case. Uber demonstrates no business ethics or responsibility in the way they do business.  So, rather than reducing rider fares and allowing drivers to continue making a decent income in Uber’s attempts to control local transportation services, Uber chose to destroy the livelihoods of almost all of the 160,000 jobs they created by reducing driver rates to such a degree that drivers cannot earn a reasonable income no matter how hard they try while reducing rider fares.

To keep drivers working for less than half their previous earnings Uber offers “incentive guarantees” to provide their own form of subsidy to drivers that work precisely as directed by Uber. These guarantees if followed as instructed are providing minimum wage pay to some drivers. But, these guarantees control the way the driver works leading one to believe the drivers are employees rather than Independent Contractors and it is logical to make the conclusion that if it is necessary to offer guarantees to get the work done and the workers paid, there is a failure in Uber’s system that needs immediate attention. Presently two cases are before the Courts asking the deciding the question if Uber and Lyft drivers are employees or Independent Contractors. The ”Guarantee” method leaves little doubt the drivers are employees.

While creating a failing economy for drivers and creating financial boost to Uber riders, Uber still manages to increase their income by earning almost double the amount in Rider Fees while drivers double their expenses to make the same pay previously earned.

Uber has crowed and boasted about how beneficial they have been to the community by the creation of so many jobs, making of so many small business, and etc. Uber continues to seek a pat on the back for being such a provider of such economical growth today, although they started the destruction of these jobs at the end of last year. Regardless any requirement of law to maintain the aforementioned jobs, a moral obligation to the community need be realized by any business that creates jobs, to continue provision of these jobs so long as the market served uses these jobs. You see, in the case of these 160,000 jobs, the jobs are still needed to serve the community the same as before, but Uber chose to make the jobs no longer income producing enough to support a human worker. Uber reduced these jobs to earnings sufficient to meet the expense of the operation of t6he vehicle . . . Because Uber wants to take the human worker completely out of the equation. Uber wants to use autonomous cars to provide the services performed by the 160,000 human workers. And, to demonstrate the ability to reduce the costs to consumers while still demonstrating Uber can earn substantial profit Uber has reduced the workers to that of an unpaid robot.

And no government agency, no legal challenge, or worker protest has come forward with adequate strength to stop this abuse of the American Worker leaving these 160,000 travispeople stuck out of desperation in these jobs without visible indication of future relief. You may believe I am writing a science fiction novel about a wealthy eccentric that takes advantage of everyone and everything, but there is no fiction involved here. Travis Kalanick has every intent to force the use of the autonomous car into our society in the very immediate future and will sacrifice every human’s livelihood he must to do so. Recent news suggested that the new economy to be created by Uber’s vision of the future, would displace 10 million workers to create a new work force and a new economy. I think it is time somebody pay attention and stop this train wreck before it destroys our nations economy and forces us into a deeper depression than ever realized by this Country before. Uber does not have the right to go unchallenged to destroy our economy or our livelihoods.


6 thoughts on “Uber Does Not Have The Right . . .

  1. But we are helping travis cartel to increase his fortune every nanosecond
    And we are helping travis cartel to depressiate the taxi industry by 80%”with last travis cartel fares”
    And we are helping travis cartel to turn the pseudoriders more and more cheap, frugal, arrogant, rough, cinics, disgusted, classless, shameless, demanding a lot more for a lot less
    So, he should be proud of the nice job we are performing with our little and irrelevants sacrifices

    On the paragraph where u mentioned travis cartel would replace drivers for driverless cars; let me tell u, what a joke Driverless car it doesnt never goint to happen we dont got to worry about it
    The main asset that travis cartel has is the bounch of mental retarders with some degree of authism and their santander leased car
    Travis cartel dont have to worry about wear, tear, deppressiation, storage, gas, maintenance, repairs, registration, insurance, clean up……..ect; travis cartel knows that he has all of us willing to do all of this and more for nanopeanuts


    • Tell me about it! Exeter called me today. I imagine they want to repo my car. Oh well, twenty-five years with no need of credit as I lived within my means, fucked up by 15 minutes of believing Uber to have ethics and integrity.


  2. Responsible leadership starts with keeping the language respectful, this site is rapidly devolving into a place for the few to whine and complain and propound vulgar words to the benefit of no one ….it certainly hurt the respect the true cause underneath deserves….keep it up and the vulgar noise will override the volume of the underlying real issues until everything is ignored.

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    • Patrick, Agreed! I have started toning down and cleaning it up as of this last week. I realized I was doing nothing demonstrative of anything positive and even when there is little positive to be found, I still should seek a to find it.


  3. I appreciate your article because of the fact that it brings up a core issue that is so often glossed over or entirely neglected in the ongoing Uber debate. We all understand that people need a safe, reliable form of transportation to bring them from point A to point B. The qualified, licensed professional drivers who provide that service deserve to be sufficiently compensated for their work. The vast majority of them are independent contractors, among the most vulnerable of the workforce, and many of them drive full time. If Uber is so greedy that it deprives those drivers of the basic means of economic survival, then its business model is vastly more flawed than that of the Taxi industry it is so fond of criticizing, as demonstrated by the constant denigrating comments and ridicule they aim at that industry. That being the case, those in the position to decide should think long and hard before rolling out the welcome mat for Uber. If necessary, make improvements to existing local for hire transport businesses, seek or create viable alternatives that are fair and respectful to the drivers instead of exploiting them and treating them as a disposable resource that is easily replaced.

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    • The thing that most frustrates me, is it does not have to be this way. Travis Kalanick would have been a national hero had he of just provided the jobs with a real income. Face it America needs jobs. Not bullshit Uber jobs, but jobs that support a family and put food on the table. Kalanick is running a con game in which he offers drivers services for dirt cheap while he lies to everyone claiming the drivers make good money. Maybe one day he will grow up and realize the harm his con game has caused.


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