The honeymoon is over: UberPool rates in S.F. just went up | VentureBeat | OffBeat | by Harrison Weber

Big Deal, so Uber raised rates on a service that still doesn’t pay the drivers a reasonable wage . . .

The honeymoon is over: UberPool rates in S.F. just went up | VentureBeat | OffBeat | by Harrison Weber

I guess Uber decided to increase the fare for UberPool from $5 to $7 yesterday. “Hooray!” In reality, Who gives a rats behind? This doesn’t create a reasonable wsge for the 162,000 Independent Contractors that drive for Uber, but it does provide additional income for Uber.

Drivers that drive for the Ride-Hail companies have been subjected to income loss due to the ongoing rate war between the companies as they race to the bottom. Uber is the most offensive to the drivers having dropped rates so low many drivers are unable to get anything more than their expenses to drive. Of those able to make more than expenses, most are not able to pay themselves a minimum wage. Uber has dropped rates nation-wide affecting over 162,000 drivers. Of course this opinion is not conducive to Uber’s idea that the driver work twice as hard to earn half as much while Uber doubles down on Rider Fees is the current plan.

Some drivers have quit driving for Uber until rates increase. Others are working the Uber Guarantee Game in which Uber controls the drivers activity much like and employer/employee relationship which is not conducive to the Independent Contractor position Uber claims the drivers to be. Many drivers are of the opinion that if the Company has to give guarantees to pay the drivers a reasonable wage, then the system is flawed and needs to be fixed paying drivers a fair rate.

Rumor has it that there will be a “Work Stoppage” on April 4, 2015, in protest of Uber’s continuing to pay drivers reasonably. Uber Riders that may be effected by this might want to consider using Lyft (My Promo Code is: richard088008) or SideCar (My Promo Code is: RICH195) as an alternative means of transportation. Both of these services are similar to Uber and treat their drivers better than Uber.

Drivers have every right to be angered by Uber’s lowering the rates. Many drivers have invested heavily to “partner” with Uber, who sees drivers as nothing more than a “commodity” and has no concern for them at all. Uber has taken it upon themselves to boast how they have created 162,000 jobs to benefit the US economy, when creating 162,000 poverty level jobs is of absolutely zero benefit to the US economy.                 


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