California Bill Wants All Uber, Lyft Drivers to Undergo Drug Testing | The Fix

Why not create a necessary Bill instead?

California Bill Wants All Uber, Lyft Drivers to Undergo Drug Testing | The Fix

While this may not be a bad idea, I believe drug testing is quite costly and who would foot the bill for this testing is more the question than if the testing is necessary or not.

logo_small_pinkCurrently, Government in almost every major City and State are busy writing laws, rules, and regulations that will effect the Ride-Hail drivers for years to come. The problem is, nobody has invited the drivers voice into the conversation. Why? I mean why would any politician, government official, or advocate consider making rules for a profession they know little of, without asking for input from those to be subject to these new rules? We pay taxes from our earnings, don’t we deserve representation in all such proceedings?

A far more serious issue exists that impacts every community, every driver, rider, and local aid services. But, nobody is taking up this cause. Were I a politician or in an office in which I could right a wrong and bring about required change. I would be looking at local laws relevant to Independent Contractors. For a business to hire work out to an Independent Contractor they have requirements to follow that specify what an Independent Contractor is. Other rules require the collection of taxes from Independent Contractors. And, an employer generated contract usually sets the terms of the work and compensation the Independent Contractor is obligated to. But, as Independent Contractors are not protected by most labor laws, there is no requirement that the employer pay the Independent Contractor adequately to be an Independent Contractor.

Most employers take advantage of the use of Independent Contractors to circumvent paying taxation and benefits for the worker, saving the employers a tidy sum of money while still getting the required work performed. This is abuse of Labor Standards in most every State in the US. Regardless the employer pay these expenses, the IndependentUber Contractor is still required to pay these expenses, actually higher costs for these expenses as the Independent Contractor is required to pay both the employer contribution and the employee contribution. Legislation is required that requires an employer to pay their Independent Contractors a minimum of what it actually costs to do the job. In effect, the Independent Contractor is a small business that is required to earn enough to pay the expenses necessary to do the job, pay the employee a minimum wage or higher to perform the work, the small business then has to earn enough more to pay their share of the taxation and whatever benefits are to be given the employee and pay for any administrative tasks that go with completion of the work, and then the small business itself is required to make a profit so that the small business can have enough funds to replace equipment, perform maintenance, and pay the necessary office expenses. There are no laws that protect the Independent Contractor that provide for such compensation, which enables employers to hire employees not being paid even a minimum wage by labeling the employee an Independent Contractor. This is not conducive to any labor laws in the United States. Every State in this Country calls for a minimum wage earnings by most every class of employee, but allows the Independent Contractor to earn less by trickery of the employer who is allowed to get away with it because no laws protecting the Independent Contractor has been established. The Courts nation-wide are wrestling with the question of whether a person is an employee or an Independent Contractor. The primary consideration that should enable easy recognition is if the Independent Contractor is being paid adequately to be an Independent Contractor.  This is where legislation is needed most.

You have to understand, that any business that hires employees and pays them less than is required to perform their role in the work force is costly to the community. Why sc_wordmarkallow a business to move into your neighborhood that does not provide jobs that pay their employees fairly. Jobs that do not provide more than minimum wage are not jobs, but abuse of the workers. Currently Ride-Hail jobs are more abused than the American Farm Worker. As far as I am concerned, I’ll piss in your cup any day, just pay me enough to be what you want me to be. And, if you are not paying me adequately enough to be an Independent Contractor, then I am in fact your employee. Just wait until you see the receipts that I have that I am expecting reimbursement for.    


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