If Ride-Hail Services Were To Stop Tomorrow . . .

If Ride-Hail Services like Uber, Lyft, and SideCar were to stop, how would it effect you? Would you need to find a different way to get to work. Would you need to find a way to make other transportation services work for you. Would you have to walk? Well, Ride-Hail services are not going to stop tomorrow. But, they could someday soon. Drivers are finding out that they are not getting paid enough to do the job. Most are barely making expenses, while others that are earning better discover that they are not even making minimum wage for their troubles. Uber’s idea to increase ridership by lowering rates has become: “Work twice as hard, for half as much, while Uber doubles down on Rider Fees and Driver’s expense increases.” There is likely only a few Drivers working the Ride-Hail Services today that are making any real profit. Those that believe they are, have yet to actually calculate their earnings.

To provide additional income to drivers to ensure drivers on the street, the Ride-Hail Companies have created guarantees to entice Driver participation. The Ride-Hail companies did not have to impact driver incomes to provide discounted rates to the Riders. They could have simply added the right math to their database to keep Driver’s compensation as it was and allow reduced fares for the rider. But, The Ride-Hail Companies did not do this as they chose to make the drivers pay for the fare discounts provided to riders. This is evident when you look and realize that driver’s expenses have close to doubled while the collection of the increased ridership Rider’s Fees have more than doubled. It is only a matter of time before Ride-Hail Services experience interruption.

To keep the unification of Drivers from becoming an issue, the Ride-Hail Companies have people set in place to discourage any such movement and the future of  Ride-Hail services appears to be going to that of Taxi services. Ride-Hail services used to significantly exceed services provided by Taxi Cabs while costing less, making the Ride-Hail services the easy choice for many. Drivers disgusted by the fact that the Ride-Hail Companies act of cutting rates has been done without the drivers having any choice in the matter, have quit driving while others have quit the job entirely. Many others do not know what if anything can be done to improve upon the situation. But, almost all are ready to do something, whatever that is to cause change.

The most harmful aspect of this situation is that the Ride-Hail companies have created over 160,000 jobs that last year were decent jobs with reasonable incomes. These jobs presently are nothing more than poverty level positions. At least one of the Ride-Hail Companies has plans of showing data to Government that makes it appear as though they have dramatically been a benefit to the community and the economy, when they have not. The data they are using to fabricate this lie is from last year, and is not a true representation of the jobs created in present day.

A few drivers are trying to find a way for drivers and riders to unify in by forming an Association for the betterment of Drivers, Riders, and Services. It is their hope that a combined large membership will provide voice for representatives to negotiate with the Ride_hail Companies and local Governments to effect change. But to succeed, the word has to get out for those interested to join. While it may appear this just a small issue, when you consider the millions of Riders, the 160,000 or more drivers nation-wide and the overall impact on our economy, it suddenly becomes a far more serious issue effecting at least one or two of the people you know. Join the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION for FREE right now. If this topic does not impact you at all, please discuss it with others as it might very well impact them. 


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