The Beginning


It appears to me as though there is a need for the formation of an Association to support and represent a large number of RideShare Operators driving for the assorted rideshare services nation-wide. This Association will serve to provide for the betterment of it’s membership and the rideshare drivers it serves. This is a National Association as it seeks to represent drivers in all of the United States Of America

Three primary concerns exist at this time.

1.Unfair practices or abuse by rideshare companies towards drivers and other persons employed in the industry. This includes:
a)Rates of fares that adversely impact drivers incomes
b)Any program that offers sales support or assistance for the purchase of vehicles by the Driver offered by rideshare companies.
c)Fair and reasonable use of rideshare Driver Rating Systems.
d)Flooding of areas served by drivers reducing the income potential for other drivers.
2.Insurance questions regarding personal and rideshare coverage
a)Leave almost all drivers wondering if they are actually covered by any insurance should they get into an accident.
b)Demonstrate that we need to have some interaction with Insurers to ascertain if adequate coverage can be provided that also meets legal requirements and that such can be provided within reason to drivers.
3.Training provided Drivers that benefits both Drivers and Riders.
a)Currently there is no mandate that requires Driver Training, but that does not prevent us from taking such to task for the benefit and improvement of Driver skills.
b)Although additional consideration is required on this topic, courses such as Defensive Driving, Customer Relations, First-Aid, and CPR are possible courses to consider.

Today across America, companies such as Uber are running roughshod over their drivers, subjecting drivers to unreasonable hardships, reducing drivers income to below minimum wage levels, and providing no protections from employer abuse. This abuse must stop, but as a single voice there is insufficient power to require employer change abusive practices.

Per Uber’s claims, Uber has employed approximately 160,000 drivers nation-wide. It is believed that the formation of an Association representing those drivers and the drivers of other rideshare services would be of sufficient numbers to bring issues of concern to the table with the reasonable attention provided to Driver concerns.

It is my recommendation that this Association become a Limited Liability Corporation, as a non-profit association supported by membership dues and activities that provide for the Association but no one individual to profit from it.
The actual formation of this Association will be decided by vote of the attending potential drivers at the first meeting of the core interim Association Administration.

Upon affirming the formation of this Association, applicable volunteer officers will be nominated and subsequently voted in.

Individual Cities may nominate potential officers to serve as representatives from their city. Subsequent to setting such local Representative the structure and responsibilities will e determined and developed.

**An interim membership application and monthly dues will be set at $25.00 per applicant with monthly dues of $10.00 temporarily paid by WePay Subscription while structure for this Association is developed. This has been changed to annual member ship for Drivers is $10.00 per year and annual membership for Riders is $5.00 per year.

To start up this Association an Attorney will be selected by the temporary Association President to ensure all legal matters and requirements are responded to and/or met with compliance. As there are no funds yet available to compensate this Attorney for their time, any indebtedness to this Attorney will be payable from membership dues as these funds become available. Any legal actions in defense of the Association or it’s membership will result in a call to the membership to donate funds specific to the need in hopes all members will donate adequate funding to support the legal action. In the event adequate funds cannot be raised by this method, it will be by decision of the Attorney if we should continue the legal action to be attempted.

An Attorney will be retained and will also be assigned a position as an Association Officer to provide legal services as necessary for Association needs, to be paid from Association monies as necessary for the betterment of the Association and it’s membership. To facilitate this position the interim officers will interview potential attorneys and vote upon those interviewed, offering the position to the attorney with the highest votes.

As the Association growth permits, Attorneys will be retained for all major/minor cities served by this Association

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9 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. My good friend, who are these other assocs. that you speak of? I’m not asking you to promote their address or anything, I’m just curious. Keep up the fine work you are doing, even the smallest droplet of water has unmatched power with a sea of change for the good of all. Rubela

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    • There are quite a few new Associations popping up nation-wide that serve the Ride-Hail driver. The problem we have is many that use the title “Association” are not truly a legal Association. A FaceBook Group is not a legal Association unless it is legally licensed as an Association. A Group that acts to represent a membership of people has to be a lawfully licensed business and based upon the taxation applicable must be registered as the applicable corporation. Associations are real flexible in that to represent a group of people you can either represent the Associations actual membership or be voted as the representative by the effected class, but you cannot act to represent anyone in any fashion lacking the approval of the individual of the person represented. In other words, nobody can represent you without you saying they can. One of the things we hope to do with this Association is gather all of the loose associations to provide the legal Association for the others. An example is a facebook group with a few hundred members can also be members of this Association without leaving the focus of their facebook group, to allow this Association to represent them, to carry their vote forward, to have their voices heard. The second way we hope to brig the Associations’ forward is by affiliation with the other legal Associations allowing us to collectively speak for our membership. An association of 10,000 members is not adequate to represent a class of 200,000 people, but by bringing these people together for unification by any means compiles the numbers to raise the total represented to a much higher number.


    • Just look around at the Groups that seek members to work for the common cause of providing a way for drivers to unite. I commend their activities, but unless their intent is to actually become a lawful Association to represent drivers, they may actually be hindering Associations that are willing to become lawful Associations from helping the drivers by keeping the drivers from participation in the lawful representation necessary to support the drivers.


    • Again, ( I thought I recognized the name) You are not driving UberX, or your using Uber Logic to make such claim . . . Or, you are one of the few so fortunate to do so. Math does not lie.


  2. I really want to work for Uber like driver, but the problem made me could not work because I don’t have new car (2015) but I heard that I could rent a car from Uber and after the day I worked I will pay. I did not know it’ s true or not ! but if you have another solution to help me get a driver job from Uber please let me how to do . Thank you for your time

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    • Please email and they can answer your questions with up to date information. There are numerous programs to acquire a vehicle via Uber, I recommend that you take your time and give serious consideration to any agreements you make for this as there are a few programs to help drivers get cars, but none that truly benefit drivers. So, use caution. Send an email to regarding any questions you may have about getting started with Uber, they say they will answer anything you may need to know.


    • Yes, you likely can. However, don’t make the mistake I did, go buy your car through a respectable Dealer at a fair interest rate. Uber could have made the so many things of benefit to the drivers, but didn’t.


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