Why Is Uber Making More On The Trip Than We Are?

Most UberX Drivers fail to realize this, but the UberX Driver isn’t actually making money. Featured Image -- 1803As a matter of fact Uber makes more money per trip than the Driver does. I know, there’s folks out there saying I am crazy and don’t know what i am talking about. For sake of argument, let’s entertain me for a moment and listen to what I have to say.

For most of UberX, actually making money is quite difficult. The reason it is so difficult is because Uber has repeatedly lowered driver’s rates while only paying us for a portion of what we do. Uber knows exactly what they are doing and they are intentionally doing it because they do not want us to stay and get any ability to cause change to the path Uber has chosen. Uber’s goal is to rid the Country of drivers for the “Car for Hire” industries so that they can bring the autonomous cars on without hindrance from the drivers. We all know the future is going to be the autonomous cars. The problem is, that Uber wants to continue to disrupt us in the interim. To that end, Uber wants to continue manipulating, lying, and exploiting us in hopes that they will cause us to leave. And Uber, does not care how bad they harm us financially in doing so. 

Back to the subject at hand . . . If you were to accurately calculate your earnings less payment of Uber’s percentage, and your true expenses, plus deducting your additional insurance expenses, your local Business License fees, and your Self Employment taxation, you will find . . . That after you add Uber’s Booking Fee, plus the percentage you pay Uber, that Uber makes more per ride than you do. This may not be true of ALL rides, but it is true of a significant number of the rides you take. I see a lot of drivers claiming to have made big money on the Internet, but are they working UberX? Are they being truthful?

I challenge any UberX driver in the San Francisco Bay Area to keep a log of their hours, their total miles driven, and use the standard mileage deduction per the I.R.S., then deduct your additional expenses such as the cost of the GAP Insurance, your Business License, and your Self Employment taxation. Keep in mind, you are a small business and as such you want to be profitable. Uber does not tell you how to do the math, the government does. To help you with your calculations I have prepared a spreadsheet that will do all your calculations for you, just enter the necessary data.  TNCCalc20  You will note that there are no sdpaces on this spreadsheet to list your “surge,” “Guarantees,” or “Other” incentive Uber uses to manipulate control of drivers. This is because only a few actually get the manipulation money. We should all be paid a reasonable rate and not have to jump through hoops or play like Uber’s circus act to get paid.

Subsequent to your determination of your earnings with Uber, you will likely get angry. You might even feel used.  Regardless, you will see the truth and take what action you choose to. If you would like to do something about Uber’s exploitation of drivers, join us. The US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION needs your voice to be heard with ours to make a difference. This Association is affiliated with the Alliance/Teamsters and serves for the betterment of drivers and the industry as a whole.


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