Some Folks Might Be Angry . . .


Some folks might get angry about somebody making the postcard style graphic appearing above with their name included, but not I. I do wish he had contacted me prior to completing the artwork as the circumstances have since changed.

After the getting screwed by the car purchase, Uber cut rates 1 1/2 months later so I could no longer afford the car. By the next rate cut, it would cost me more to run the car than I would lose leaving it in my driveway. I supported the car for close to a year by use of my retirement, then voluntarily returned the car to the Lender. I am stuck with a $15,000.00 debt I cannot pay and of course my credit is screwed for the rest of my life. But, if others can learn from my mistakes, I have no problem looking the fool. You see, at 59 years of age, with all the bullshit we get to enjoy during our lifetime, if this is the biggest problem I have, I’ve got it made. Believe me, over the course of your lifetime you will have plenty of opportunities to make an ass out of yourself. Don’t take yourself to seriously . . .

What concerns me more is the hundreds of thousands of drivers that are letting the TNC’s make fools of them. For close to 2 years I have made every effort to put the word out about how the TNC’s are exploiting and taking advantage of the drivers, but there are still drivers out there driving UberX that believe they are making money doing so.

Of larger concern, at least to myself, is the loss of jobs much needed by the American Worker that are being turned into gig economy jobs that are of no benefit to the worker at all, and our government continues to allow it to happen. I really would like to see some of you folks with a little “heart” join me in trying to make some changes for betterment of drivers. We know this probably all ends when the autonomous cars hit the streets. But until then, we deserve a real income for our efforts. We can do this . . .



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