3 Reasons Why You Should Join The US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION!

If you work as a contract driver for any of the TNC’s, Delivery Services, or any service being disrupted by these companies, there are three good reasons that you should join the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION.


  • Presently almost all of the lower level drivers working for any of the App-Based companies are not being compensated properly, fairly, or honestly.  We see the need for this to change immediately if drivers are going to be able to survive financially. Use of “Surges;””Guarantees,””& Other Incentives” are ridiculous manipulations to encourage drivers work when and where the companies want us to. Control  by manipulation, is still CONTROL. We do not need control, we need a fair and honest pay rate.


  • Flooded Markets by the companies aggressive hiring practices hinders the drivers making a reasonable income. The only reason the TNC Services are considered an excellent services is by the expedient  response to customer calls. It’s easy being expedient when you have 37,500 cars in the City. Taxi services have caps on the amount of cars they can have on the road for a reason. Instead of reducing the amount of traffic in the City, the TNC’s and other companies have increased the amount of traffic significantly.


  • Almost all of the “Sharing/Gig Economy” companies are disrupting jobs that were capable of supporting family, replacing those jobs with poverty level paying jobs without benefit, minimum wage, job security, without any growth or advancement. This Country needs jobs, real jobs. This Country needs jobs that pay taxes, carry Workmen’s Comp Insurance, Overtime Pay, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, and protections from abuse by the employer. In the case of the TNC’s, the “Autonomous Cars” are going to cause the loss of many of these jobs. However, until then there is no excuse for the exploitation and abuse currently the practice of Uber and Lyft.


  • On that same note. The TNC’s “Race To The Bottom” has created an unfair advantage against the other local transportation providers. Again, disruption of these companies will come soon enough with the Autonomous Cars. There is no excuse for the TNC’s to cause the financial failure of these workers and their companies. Travis Kalanick is pocketing billions of dollars while forcing workers nation-wide into poverty. Drivers being displaced/disrupted by these companies should have to be bought out, not forced out. Were another transportation provider try to enter the market, they would have been required to buy their way into the market.


  • Most of the TNC’s fail to provide adequate insurance for the driver, rider, or their market. Instead of the Transportation Authorities requiring the TNC Drivers carry the same level of insurance that the rest of the  drivers have to carry. The TNC’s have convinced the authorities that they have adequate insurance coverage which I do not believe is true in any market they serve. Even Uber in California requires a “Gap Insurance” to cover drivers  during  certain periods of their driving. This responsibility for this insurance is theirs, not the driver. At no time should a drivers personal auto insurance policy be necessary while a driver’s car is performing service for their contract employer. Current practice is to put the financial burden for the additional necessary insurance onto the drivers. I repeat, THIS IS NOT THE DRIVERS OBLIGATION!


  • The TNC’s recently spent 9 million dollars trying to avoid the fingerprint required background investigation. This is such a minor issue, and common sense dictates the compliance for the requirement and the relative incidents demonstrate that there is no time to waste. Quit pissing away the money we earn and try to prevent riders from being hurt. Whoisdrivingyou.org lists the known incidents of TNC drivers. Are you ready for this? (Click here to Story)
    • 10 Death incidents
    • 27 Alleged Assaults by Uber and Lyft Driver
    • 133 Sex Offenses
    • 5 Kidnappings
    • 11 Felons Behind the Wheel
    • 16 Driver DUIs & Other Offense &
    • 19 Imposters


  • Drivers continue to be deactivated without any form of discussion at all. One moment you are on the app, the next you’re not. Driver’s should at least be provided a Representative of a sort that can serve as their Advocate and seek additional solutions to the problem, if in fact a driver’s the problem. It seems ridiculous that today any enemy of the TNC’s or of the Drivers can simply make complaint, valid or not that costs a driver his livelihood.  Seriously, my ex-wife can sit in my car , a rival cab driver, or even someone under the influence can sit in my car today, say anything they want and within a few minutes get the driver removed from the Application. And, nobody even ask the driver what if anything happened.


  • The TNC’s continue to provide Auto Purchase/Lease Programs that are nothing less than creation of an indentured servant to work with them. The latest scheme sticks drivers with a USED car with monthly payments over $800.00 per month and then the Company lowers driver’s rates.  Quit causing the drivers intentional financial failure. We know the plan to disrupt drivers any way you can, but you need your current drivers to carry you through to the autonomous cars. These programs should not be as bad if not worse than Cab Drivers pay for their gate . . . Actually, drivers should be offered cars as though they had perfect credit and the payments would be really low as the interest rate would be so low. This is one way the Company could reward drivers for working that would actually be beneficial to drivers.


  • Uber’s policy of reducing rates to increase ridership has ceased to be funny. If a driver can only take 3 rides per hour when the rates were $2.60 per mile, what makes you think that he can take more than 3 trips per hour with the rate at $0.85 per mile. It does not matter what your rate is set at, the driver can only make so many trips per hour. I think a driver having to try to make 15 $3.00 trips per hour to make a couple bucks is a little unreasonable.

Okay, so there may be more than 3 reasons to join the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION today. You can pick your favorite 3 if you wish, but we think all of these issues need to be addressed.

We started out believed that the Government would have interceded by now, nope. We believed the Courts would have done something to benefit us by now, nope. Well if the Government, and the Courts are not going to help us, perhaps we need to help ourselves.

Contrary to popular belief, Travis Kalanick should not be able to pocket billions of dollars from our labors while we get kicked to the curb without a penny in our pocket. Drivers are presently considered Independent Contractors and as such have no unemployment benefits to fall back on so our final paycheck as small as it will be, is our final paycheck. And, what happens when you still have an $800.00 monthly car payment to pay?

To this end US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION has joined forces with other Driver’s Associations under a group called the “Alliance” which is supported by the Teamsters in hopes of betterment of drivers. The thing we need most right now is members. We need to be able to say that we represent a significant amount of drivers when we talk with Government Leaders, the Courts, and hopefully the contract Employers. This is actually the “number one” reason to join the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION. You can make a difference. You voice can be heard!

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