Fingerprint Background Investigations?

Why is it necessary that Uber spend millions of dollars fighting the requirement of fingerprint background investigations? Could it be . . .

(The following information is provided courtesy of who maintains a lengthy list of Ride-Hail related driver incidents. There are 10 incident of DEATH, I think I counted over 125 sexual assaults, and a whole bunch of other incidents. It is a miracle Riders even get in our cars with all this craziness.  I am in favor of fingerprint background checks simply because there is too much stuff that could have been avoided had some of the drivers in these incidents been subject to such investigation I wonder if anybody maintains a list of all of the falsehoods told by the TNC’s over the years?)

For those of you that do not understand what the fingerprint investigation is all about: The person subject to investigation goes to a fingerprint location and allows the staff at the place take their fingerprints. Your fingerprints are sent to a processor where your fingerprints are run through a national database to see if your fingerprints match someone in the database. Once matched, your criminal history if you have one is reviewed and reported. The national database retains records relative to a persons contact with Law Enforcement. This shows more than convictions, showing almost any contact with law enforcement. It is important to note that fingerprints collected by other agency such as the military, DMV, and others are also submitted to this national database. The idea is that you should not be cleared to work for a TNC should you have a criminal history that demonstrates you a risk in such employ.  And Uber has already made public their intent to hire convicted felons, so you needn’t worry unless you have a serious felony record. Just so you know,  Uber is already disclosing far more driver data to law enforcement about you then law enforcement will tell Uber.


Uber’s process for onboarding drivers is dangerously negligent. Neither Uber nor Lyft uses fingerprints or law enforcement to background-check their drivers. And Uber doesn’t even bother to meet with drivers in person before allowing them to ferry passengers.


The result is a series of incidents involving “ridesharing” passengers being harmed and criminal offenders behind the wheel:


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