Okay Folks . . . Let’s do this!

First . . . (You’ve probably already seen this part, keep reading to the second part)

On Monday, May 9th, rideshare drivers and leaders from Associations representing over 7,000 drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area met with California Teamsters.  The agenda was simple: how to join forces to build power for California rideshare drivers.  The more than two-hour discussion included topics ranging from rates, respect, transparency, and the need for benefits.  Most importantly, everyone agreed that it’s time for rideshare drivers to have a unified voice.

The Teamsters are bringing resources and have asked for support from the 1,200 California unions and 2.1 million union members affiliated with the California Labor Federation, as well as community organizations and the California Partnership for Working Families.

We are meeting again next Monday and will be reaching out to other associations.

Today rideshare drivers and Teamsters made the rounds at San Francisco City Hall, meeting with Supervisors Avalos, Campos, and Wiener, along with the staff for Supervisors Peskin and Breed.  At issue are the letters drivers are getting from San Francisco asking drivers to get business licenses.  Some drivers are being hit with nearly $600 in back fees and penalties.  We don’t make enough to pay these.

We received strong support for our efforts.  The Supervisors encouraged drivers to stick with the Teamsters.  We are working with the Teamsters on some legislative solutions to help bring relief to drivers from these huge bills.  Contact us to get involved — there is power in numbers!



Second . . . (No, you have not read this yet)

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a movement afoot. A group of us from differing associations have met with the Teamsters to try to work us out a little fair play from the likes of Uber and Others. To make this happen . . . WE NEED YOU!

I do not care how many times you said you were going to show up and didn’t. This time is important. Far too important to ignore. We need to all get into the game now and stand up for workers rights and tell them that we DO NOT want to continue this game of “Screw The Driver” with Mr. Kalanick and friends.

As I was saying, “There is a movement afoot.” One of the things part of the “Class-action” settlement is an agreement that drivers will be allowed a “Driver’s Association.” Well, Uber’s “Association” is not quite a “driver’s association.” Kalanic wants to have an association controlled by Uber, with no ability to truely bring about change or improve anything for drivers. We know one thing, and that is the TNC’s are pushing for the use of autonomous cars as fast as they can push it, and then it will be  “See ya later suckers” as drivers are fired and sent to the unemployment line.

Now why should we go to “unemployed” with our pockets empty, our cars ready for the scrap yard, and no future job opportunity? Did Travis Kalanick bring Uber to where it is today by himself. He would like the world to believe so, but no he didn’t. As a matter of fact, Trasvis Kalanick may have not done a single ethical thing in getting Uber to where it is today. Come to thimk of it, did Uber itself do anything ethical or even truthful to get Uber to where it is today?

So, who did the ethical work for Uber? The DRIVERS! We bare the part of Uber that met the paying public and  earned the money for Uber. We are the part of Uber that put out the effort to satisfy the customer, while Uber’s value increased. And, most of us did so while Uber repeatedly cut rates so we no longer even made a marginal living  doing the job.

Uber has plans that they are going to eliminate drivers jobs and kick drivers to the curb for free. Not just Taxi Drivers, but all kinds of drivers, including us. FOR FREE! Understand this; Kalanick will take home BILLIONS from this, you and I will take home nothing. We won’t even have “unemployment benefits” because he is trying to keep us as “Independent Contractors” precluding our having any form of employment protections. Kalanick did not make Uber what it is today. Driver’s are what made Uber what it is today. All Kalanick has done is con the people out of money. Drivers made Uber “cool.” and “Cool” is what made Uber what it is today. So, why does Travis get to pocket the cash while we walk away with empty pockets?

How do we change this? It’s actually simple. We get off our collective back-sides and join an Association that will make a difference.  And, then we get our voices heard. Presently, a couple of different drivers associations  have met with members of the Teamsters Union and begun meeting with local government finding our ideas and opinions met with favorable response. Now, what we need is YOU!

This next Monday May 23rd at 5:30 pm, we will meet at  7750 Pardee Ln. Oakland, CA. Everyone that leads or has organized a driver’s group or association really should attend. If you cannot make it, send a representative to meet with us.  Any drivers, regardless of membership to association, that would like to attend to see what we are doing and voice your opinion is also welcome to attend. Also, Limousine Drivers, Taxi Drivers, or any other driver impacted by the TNC’s, come on down, what we are doing will surely impact you. The only thing that can cause us failure is failure to unify.

I would like to stress the importance of what we do today. The “Sharing/Gig” economy threatens the American Worker in almost every job we do. The importance of the stand we take will impact the future for employment nation-wide for our children and theirs.  If you cannot see nthe harm being done, think of this: When our children try to find work . . . all the jobs will be like Uber jobs, under minimum wage, no benefit, no growth, and no future. The stand you take today is much larger than just Uber and the other TNC’s.  What you do, or don’t do today may be very important to the future of this Country.

Monday May 23rd at 5:30 pm, we will meet at  7750 Pardee Ln. Oakland, CA.


2 thoughts on “Okay Folks . . . Let’s do this!

  1. Wow! Talk about selective revisionist vision of things. How is it that drivers were ethical when they were illegally working for Uber against the cease and desist orders? Why should anyone give a damn about TNC drivers when they destroyed the lives and incomes of thousands of hard working, mainly immigrant, Taxi industry workers? Yes, the “gig” workers are destroying workers rights SO WHY ARE YOU DOING IT? The destruction of our job markets and workers rights LAYS SQUARELY ON YOU. If you were not willing to allow yourself to be pimped out, not willing to take these stupid “gig” jobs, then companies would not be offering them. So don’t be running around like selfish arrogant little punks and stepping on other’s jobs and income, on everyone’s workers rights, on your own self interest, and then start crying about how its not fair. Of course they are going to replace you with autonomous vehicles! That was the entire point of Uber, Lyft, et al. Did you think about that when you were destroying taxi drivers jobs? Did it ever once occur to you that is wasn’t the drivers who made the taxi industry a horrible thing? Just like your blaming Kalanack & Uber, the Taxi industry was driven by color schemes, medallion holders, and the city government who sucked all the profits out and created a horrible class system with drivers treated like dogs. Oh and by the way it isn’t drivers who made Uber cool it was money. Money to pay off city officials, money to pay for marketing who created the “cool” driver image you bought into, money to get product placement on TV and movies, money to pay your huge bonus for signing on as a driver, etc, etc. You need to take responsibility for your own actions in idolizing the money God and selling your soul for a buck when you took advantage of Kalanack’s unethical and illegal actions and his purchase of our elected officials, the media, and you. i welcome the autonomous taxi vehicles so we don’t have to hear any more of this baloney and so we can drive around the city without thousands of idiots looking at their phone and screwing up traffic.

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    • You have said nothing that I have not already said, although I didn’t sound so much a dick when I said it. It is a shame that it has taken so long for folks to start to see the damage being created by this “gig” economy. Sorry, drivers made it cool and that brought in more investment money. You have to realize that to many, Uber sounded like a “gold rush” and the opportunity of the American Dream which dried up for most of us long ago. Most had no idea they were being conned into a bogus lie they would have to experience to believe. And, even I believed the Government would have stepped in to prevent the blatant acts less than conducive to local laws. For the record, Uber should of had to purchase every medallion/license they disrupted or will disrupt in the future. It is ridiculous to accept paying the price of a medallion or business license to loss it all because somebody doesn’t play by the rules and the government chooses not to protect you. Sorry, guess I am a bit tired. Thanks for your comments.


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