Travis, I Have An Idea . . .

Mr. Travis Kalanick, CEO April 30, 2016
Uber Technologies
1455 Market St # 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

Mr. Kalanick,

How about we create an Association that has real value to both Uber and the drivers. Better yet, lets create an  Association that can be of value to all of the ride-hail industry and all of the drivers . . .

First we need acknowledge the actual needs for an Association. Actually, you have already done so and chose to block the Association from being able to meet the needs by your “Settlement” offer. But, an Association for the Ride-Hail Industry requires two things minimum.

  • The right of representation by an Association Advocate for all matters adversarial to drivers.
    • No driver should be subject to any form of disciplinary or other action considered adversarial towards the driver without the right to have the drivers side of the story presented in defense of the issue, and an Association Representative present to ensure proper procedure followed in any hearing.


  • The right of “collective bargaining” for representation of matters that effect the drivers as a class of workers.
    • The idea that Uber can effectively respond to the needs of the workers as individuals is ridiculous and guarantees continuing litigation for Uber’s future to see this need met as necessary.

I like your idea of Uber providing funding for the operation of the Association but, I like the idea of all of the Ride-Hail Companies being represented by an Association funded by all of the represented companies as well as a small contribution by the individual drivers. The goal of the Association to work towards the betterment of the Ride-Hail Industry, the Companies, and the Drivers.

You probably have not considered the benefits to such an idea. There are numerous things that Uber does that should not be part of Uber. Many of these things could be better organized and made available to the driver without the conflicts of interest that Uber’s doing such creates. An Association separate from Uber can negotiate for numerous services to be available to the membership. 

The idea that you will  be able to retain workers while maintaining absolute control of everything Uber may sound appealing but it is really not so hot an idea when it offends everybody as time passes. Workers need to feel part of the machine that makes their income. None of us want to be on the outside looking in. You really should consider making us all part of the Uber team instead of a pack of outsiders without a future.

While it certainly is not required that I have any participation in any future Association relative to Uber, I would like to be part of the management of any Association developed to represent drivers of the Ride-Hail Industry. We have a common goal, the success of Uber. How about we work together to ensure that goal met. 

I must address one final issue. An Association built by you, funded by you, and staffed by you is not a drivers Association, but an Association that serves you. Such an Association is likely to be of no benefit to drivers and a waste of Uber money. I truly believe I have a much better idea for an Association that will be of benefit to all concerned and might actually be a wise use of Uber money, give it a chance. Please feel free to contact me regarding this matter. I can be reached by phone at 510-940-5962.


Thank You,


Richard Brunelle, Pres.


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