Is History Going To Record Kalanick . . .

I believe that Travis Kalanick and the Sharing/Gig Economy are going to do severe harm to the role of the American Worker. Actually, you can already see the harm caused to displaced workers, lost jobs, and those that dream of a good opportunity. It is hard to believe that Uber is nothing but a con game, but what else can it be to benefit so few.

travis_thumb.pngIs history going to record Travis Kalanick as the man who destroyed the American Worker? Will history show how he disrupted jobs that men needed to support their families to replace them with autonomous cars, and along the way he stripped the American Worker of every right and benefit they had?

I personally am embarrassed to see the political structure of this Country has failed to protect the American Worker from the likes of Mr. Kalanick and Uber.If Kalanick is successful, he will be the C.E.O. of a multi-billion dollar corporation in which he dictates the existence of the workers that work for him. No, you do not understand. Not a corporation that tells the workers what to do within the confines of the law. Not a corporation that has laws that protect the workers from abusive employer practices. We are talking about a corporation that controls every aspect of the workers work day through manipulation and fear of termination.

Travis Kalanick has no respect for the American Worker. He is the “Corporation” and he will command all that enter his domain, or they can leave. Workers are not to expect any form of profit, benefit, or future. They have no rights, no voice, and no negotiation. Contracts are only intended to benefit the corporation. And, the corporation will only benefit itself and its investors. Yes Travis Kalanick intends to destroy millions of American jobs, replacing the jobs with poverty level, no benefit, no future, no protection jobs that will benefit the corporation and a handful of investors.

The real problem is not Travis Kalanick for he is but a narcissistic little boy who knows not the damage he is causing this Country. He has been allowed to run rough shod around the world forcing his way into city after city contrary to laws world-wide without serious opposition from government agency regardless complaint from the affected populace. From the outside it looks as though politician and government agency all being influenced to turn their backs allowing Kalanick’s continued emergence across the planet.

The most recent government negligence by the Court of which the necessary determination regarding the classification of Uber’s workers as Independent Contractor or employee further demonstrates how government continues to allow Kalanick to continue unhindered by requirement of law. The class action law cases have been “settled” without reaching the necessary decision to protect the worker from the abuses of Uber. The Courts demonstrate negligence in this matter by allowing Kalanick to make settlement of the cases by placing his own classification of the workers as Independent Contractors and allowing him to continue moving forward regardless if the worker is lawfully working within such classification or not. The Court further is negligent in allowing Kalanick to add the stipulation that he will start a driver association funded by Uber, staffed by Uber appointed drivers, that has no driver representation or collective bargaining powers. The end result, leaving the workers to suffer the Uber Arbitration forced upon them to be allowed to work with Uber. The Court had an obligation to ascertain the classification of the workers regardless of settlement offers because as evidenced by the settlement no improvement or protection is provided the worker by the settlement.

One day we are going to look back and see that Kalanick has been  allowed to destroy the American Worker as we know him and brought about the end of employee rights that our fathers and their before them fought so hard to secure. But, history will record each and every political office that has allowed this to happen and even though it will be too late, we will know whom to blame.

Remember  the movies that depict the future as being run by corporations without rule of law making the world their “sweat shop” and there being no middle class, only the corporation and the lower class worker, because this is Kalanick’s plans for the future. Uber will destroy the active livelihoods of millions so that less than one hundred may profit. And, our government is going to stand by and do nothing. The rights of the worker will be reduced bit by bit until nobody but the Kalanicks of the world are allowed to prosper.


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