IMPORTANT – Business License


If you are a Uber or Lyft Driver that is rushing down to you local County or City Clerks Office to acquire you required  business license, STOP!

Our requirement of business license is not new. We have always been required to have a business license in almost every City we serve. That is if we ARE NOT employees. Doesn’t it seem at all strange the timing for this requirement?  Pay attention folks! With the “Class Action” cases about to be heard by the Court in just over a month, wouldn’t it make Uber happy to have a list of drivers that claim to be Independent Contractors?

Everything Uber does is by manipulation or deceit. What, you thought you had control of your working with Uber. Oh, you control when you work? Dream on my friend! Uber controls you by manipulation of the “surge,” “incentives,” and “guarantees.” If you believe anything involving Uber is as it seems, you are mistaken. Uber is the first company I have ever worked with that has staff to counter social media  controversy.

So if Mr. Kalinkidink wanted to find an easy way to derail the Class Action case determining the  question Employee vs. Contractor, how would I go about it? I would likely call one of the Politicians that has forgotten his responsibility to protect the citizen from such abuse, and ask them to push for business license so we ourselves make the decision for the Court. DO NOT DO IT ! Sorry City Clerk, I am not an Independent Contractor, nor an Employee, until such time as the Court tells me what I be.


4 thoughts on “IMPORTANT – Business License

    • Actually, if the “settlement” offered by Uber is approved as written we arte Independent Contractors and pretty much get screwed. However, it is not effective until the Court signs it. This means I don’t need a business license until the court affirms me an Independent Contractor.


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