Taxis and San Francisco Labor History

Uber and the other TNC’s have modeled themselves exactly as a Taxi Company!

Taxis and San Francisco Labor History

Take all the time you want. But, read this site and the attached paper included in this article. If there is any question that Uber and the other TNC’s are Transportation Companies, it is answered within. Every TNC Driver that reads these documents will easily see the commonality of the history of the Taxi Services and their job as a TNC Driver.

Probably the most troubling discovery regarding the history of the Taxi Services and the present time of the TNC Driver is the blatant disregard of Government to do a fucking thing about the exploitation and abuse of drivers. How does a State or Local Government fail to fix a problem that has existed since the very first Taxi License was issued years ago? Years ago the issue of “Gypsy Cabs” and their impact on the Taxi Industry was noted, yet our Government Nation-Wide has allowed the TNC Companies to disrupt the Taxi Industry without restraint knowing well in advance the impact to be realized. And then, instead of the TNC Companies building a different more beneficial service, they build another Taxi Company that is following the history of the Taxi Services like it is their text book.

Read this document Driving Poor- Taxi Drivers and the Regulation of the Taxi Industry in Los Angeles It almost reads like Uber was in charge back then.

Every bit of the problems of the Taxi and TNC Services today are duplicated from Taxi History and every bit of it is due to the negligence of our Government, the Transportation Authorities, and their failure to protect the American Worker.  How does our Government disregard an entire class of American Worker? Is it because many of the people working these jobs are nothing more than another minority trying to survive in this Country?

Listen Up Government! We need good jobs in America today. We do not need these types of bullshit jobs that cause a man to work 72 hours per week to make less than a living wage. We have families to support, bills to pay, and hopes for a better tomorrow, and it is your job to see that these workers are treated fairly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you would get off your collective asses and fix this. WTF good id having a Transportation Authority that does not regulate the industry they are charged with regulating. Every Politician that has held office over the past 60 years should hide their faces in shame for allowing this negligence to continue. How dare you neglect an entire class of American Worker!


2 thoughts on “Taxis and San Francisco Labor History

  1. Having regulations on the taxi drivers does nothing to help the driver, but only generates more revenue for the Transportation Licensing Commission and other investors. Drivers shifts are 12 hours long, with many drivers working well past the legal limit of 16 hours a day in order to earn enough to make ends meet.

    The fees for taxi leases (your lick), fuel, airport fees and credit card fees are exorbitantly high, and oftentimes you go home actually owing money, rather than making any profit for the day.

    So much for “regulation.” What needs to be regulated are the regulators. Drivers should be granted the same benefits as any other worker, get paid a living wage, and be able to do that in a normal, 40 hour week,with anovertime bonus if they work more than 40 hours.

    You’re correct that Uber isn’t regulated,and no one’s getting rich by driving for them, EXCEPT for Uber, but, then again, even with so called “regulation,” no one in the taxi industry is getting rich but… well, everyone BUT the DRIVERS.

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    • I believe we are saying the same thing. The regulators need to regulate the industry, not just the drivers. They ne3ed to fix the government negligence that has allowed the farce of regulation to continue without answering the need for fair treatment and protections for the workers just like any other worker in this country. And, they need to replace what is presently Transportation Authority with something that does the job required be done.


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