Airbnb, Uber cast themselves as saviors of the middle class – San Francisco Chronicle

They certainly belong in politics, because these folks aren’t anything but the downfall of the American Worker.

Airbnb, Uber cast themselves as saviors of the middle class – San Francisco Chronicle

Almost every Internet Application based company is harmful to the United States. “But Uber is such a wonderful service, I make money renting my house out to strangers, get your house cleaned, your dog walked, eat our ready made meals.” It is all disruption to the American Worker.

Most of the jobs currently under control of the App based companies previously were jobs that supported young people and young families during their growth. That Cab Driver, the Hotel Worker, the Cleaning Lady, and many more had their taxes paid, workman’s comp, sick leave, and some even had medical/dental and retirement benefits. Presently millions of jobs from America’s Job Pool are being stripped and turned into nothing more than poverty level, no benefit, part-time jobs where nobody is trained, nobody advances, and nobody grows.

In the case of Uber, the Uber CEO Travis Kalanick dreams of doing away with human drivers to put autonomous vehicles on the road in our cities. His goal is to cause millions to lose their livelihood, their means of feeding their families, and their position as part of America’s Workforce. Who will benefit from this? Travis Kalanick and his Investors will benefit from this, nobody else. You can already see the damage being caused by Uber. Just look at the Uber Drivers that once used to work for a fair wage, now pray to make a real dollars profit at the end of their day.

It really is not that big of a deal. Uber lies to acquire new drivers by the score, manipulates the drivers with more lies, and by the time the drivers realize they are losing money they cannot just up and quit because they have invested  in being part of the lie that is Uber. Uber claims to be a Technology Company, not a Transportation Company. Uber is nothing more than a Taxi Service with computerized dispatch. Your Smart Phone calling Uber’s computers is no different than you making a voice call to a Taxi Dispatch. Just make the old modem sound in your head when you push the Uber button, you will understand.

Now, consider this. How many new Start-Ups are Application based companies that are stripping away valuable jobs, replacing these jobs with no benefit, poverty level, part-time jobs? We are losing valuable jobs by the thousands almost daily right now. Sure these jobs are great as extra income for the middle class, but what about the people that held these jobs previously? Do you really believe that there are lots of jobs our maids, drivers, and other service people can go to? Well there isn’t. Many of these people struggle to get by working for the new Application based companies, only to discover that they now make significantly less because they no longer get overtime, benefits, or have their taxes withheld from their pay. Yes, we have moved our poverty level significantly lower.

But, you know who makes great money in this situation? People like Travis Kalanick and the Corporation he represents. If Kalanick has his way he will own every “car-for-hire” job in the world, all run by machines. He won’t have to pay any money to any humans, all the money will be his, his, HIS! The people that used to work in those jobs will be added to the roles of our unemployment and welfare systems. Oh wait! We the Tax Payers do not mind that Travis Kalanick is about to become richer while the Taxpayer picks up the tab for his increased wealth. How might this effect the US Economy? Is it possible that the combined activities of all of these Application based companies could cause the failure of the national economy? Yes, it is very possible.

All of the App based companies follow Uber’s model by use of Independent Contractors as their workforce. This allows the company to strip workers of their worker rights as well as allows the company to exploit the workers exorbitantly. And, this is also the cure for the the problems we will likely have to suffer due to the Application Based Company. All American Workers need to be afforded the protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act which provides for minimum wages, overtime pay, and the right to form an employee organization for representation of the workers. The laws relevant to use of workers as Independent Contractors need to be modified for inclusion of the FSLA protections and companies such as Uber require regulation to prevent destruction of the American Worker, loss of much needed jobs, and negligent harm to the national economy.

The most important thing America needs to understand is the only benefit these organizations provide is towards themselves. All of America will lose if these companies continue on the path they are on. 


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