Ok, Let’s Be Real . . . Uber!

I simply have to ask, “Mr Kalanick what am I supposed to do about insurance?

I got by for over a year, using my personal auto insurance policy. While my insurance company knew I was driving for Uber,text_drivethey did inform me that if I had to use my insurance I would likely have my policy canceled. Well, they also didn’t like the idea of renewing my policy either. Now, the only insurance provider that actually provides a real policy that covers my driving for Uber appears to be a Farmers policy which costs about $750.00 per year more than my old personal policy. . . Because I drive for Uber. Oh well I guess I’ll just buy the Farmer’s policy . . . Oh wait!

If I could not earn enough driving for Uber last year to realize an income above the minimum wage after paying my bills, how the hell am I supposed to pay for the insurance I need to buy this year? I really do not think you have this this out very well. You see, to exploit the drivers as severely as you have been, you need to have us on the road. I wonder how many drivers are still driving on insurance policies that do not protect anyone other than Uber. That is unfair, the current Uber policy protects Uber and the Rider but does little to protect the driver or his/her vehicle.

Well, don’t fret. I can get my kids to collect aluminum cans for a week or two so I can back out on the road driving Uber with a real insurance policy. By the way, what ever happened to Uber providing any insurance above what we needed for our personal policy? I note your recent increases in the Rider Safety Fee does not include any form of disbursement to the driver to defray their insurance costs. Do you really believe this fair? Considering Uber was liable for the needed Gap insurance anyway . . .

More retro clipart at http://www.clipartof.com/For that matter, what’s the problem with being fair to the drivers? Being fair to the drivers can only make Uber stronger and perform better. Out of the hundreds of thousands of drivers working for Uber, I will bet that 99% do not want to see Uber harmed or cause it to fail. To me it seems everybody digs driving for Uber but needs a little better pay to make it work for them. Note, I said “needs” not “wants” in the previous sentence. So, are you ignoring us because you truthfully don’t give a damn, or did one of us get you all “butt hurt” over something and you don’t want to let it go?

My experience throughout the past year with Uber has been wrought with financial duress, yet I am still one of the strongest supporters of Uber for the service we provide. We provide a very much needed service to many cities nation-wide and much of the communities we serve have realized how beneficial using Uber is to themselves. Face it, Uber is a good deal until you consider the exploitation of the drivers. Regardless, nobody wants Uber to fail.

It is actually a shame the I will never have an opportunity to sit “one-on-one” to discuss Uber with Mr. Kalanick. Because I would love to just shoot the breeze informally and tell Mr. Kalanick just how much he could strengthen Uber by just cooperating with a Driver’s Association that could help him solve many of his concerns because nobody wins if Uber fails. There is only one way for any of us to prosper, and that is if Uber prospers. I mean it is not that complex an idea that we cannot see that we have to help build the company to make money ourselves. I still would like the opportunity to one day sit down and talk with Mr. Kalanick.

Oh well, I still have an insurance issue to resolve, so while I am busy doing that ya’ all keep on Ubering on. We will see you on the street!


6 thoughts on “Ok, Let’s Be Real . . . Uber!

  1. “Y’all keep on Uber in on”!? God forbid an app distracted uninsured Uber driver hit an innocent pedestrian but honestly Mr. Insurance fraudster, if it’s God’s will, let it be someone dear to you.


    • While I appreciate your opinion, I defrauded nobody. I had advised my insurance carrier exactly what I was doing, when I was doing it, and with who I was doing it. I defrauded absolutely nobody. And, they were good enough to tell me to take my business elsewhere when it was time for policy renewal. Now, I am stuck with a situation where there is adequate insurance available, but Uber is not paying us enough to afford it. Hence, the reason why I asked in this article “What am I supposed to do about insurance.” I will also point out that of the 4 insurance companies I have contacted, when asked I did tell them that I was in fact driving ride-hail.


      • Eugene, What do you suggest? Plus if it is God’s will then it would be who he choses. Right?
        If you are a driver maybe God’s will was for You to impart some helpful information. Not snide remarks!


        • I actually gave some valuable information. Uber simply is not paying enough for their drivers to purchase the only insurance adequate for protection of everybody. Thus drivers are still committing insurance fraud, endangering their own financial future, and leaving themselves open to numerous violations of the law. Why? Because our Government is allowing Uber to violate every law on the books in blatant disregard of others. There is no snide in my response, just facts. I do not want to purchase insurance that does not protect me and my car, as well as the Rider, Uber, and the Community. It would be ;less costly to require regulation of UberX and get commercial insurance. Like I said, just keeping it real . . .


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