Actually The Uber Strike Is A Success

The first success realized by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend was the media coverage that brought attention to the issues the drivers face and Uber’s failure to adequately compensate their drivers.

The second success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend was the unity demonstrated by the informed drivers that honored the strike and did not drive for Uber this weekend. When you consider how few drivers were actually aware of the strike these few did make a difference.

The third  success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend was the implementation of the “surge” which cost the consumer more money to travel using Uber over the weekend.  It shows the consumer that Uber would rather pass the costs of their failure to treat their drivers fairly on to the consumer than correct their failure. It also allowed those drivers that did work to earn a fair rate for their efforts rather than work for pennies.

The fourth success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend was the data collection made possible by comments made in disfavor of the strike by “Uber Shills” and the uninformed. This data reveals the needs for better communication with our fellow drivers, identifies a few “trolls” working against the Uber Drivers, and provides evidence that may prove beneficial for future legal action against Uber.

The fifth success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend was the cost to Uber who fails to realize that the loss of even one Rider that chose to use Lyft this weekend is more than it would cost Uber to resolve the driver issues. And, from what we understand Lyft added quite a few new Riders this weekend.

The sixth success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend is the actions taken by Uber to thwart the strike and lessen the impact to Uber. Uber made special guarantee deals with a select few drivers rather than pay all their drivers fairly which would guarantee drivers would work as there would be less reason to strike.

The seventh success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend are the rumors of Uber seeking to take reprisal against participants of the strike. Any reprisal by Uber to participants of the strike although an inconvenience to the individual drivers demonstrates Uber’s failure to play by the rules regarding their worker’s rights which contrary to common belief, workers in America regardless of title do have. 

The eighth success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend is the support attained from our Riders. Many riders were unaware of the issues impacting the drivers. This weekend provided an excellent opportunity for conversation regarding Uber with people everywhere and provided the public with a far different view of the failings of Uber.

The ninth success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend is the drivers can see that there are those of us with heart enough to stand up to the TNC’s in effort to bring about change for the betterment of all drivers that the drivers will slowly begin to realize they do not have to stand alone. Many drivers fear reprisal from the TNC’s which prevents the drivers from forming organizations that would be able to better represent the drivers but can see that there are those of us that are concerned about the fair treatment of workers and see the need for change.

The tenth success realized  by the Uber Driver’s Strike this weekend is momentum. The ball had begun rolling. It is far more difficult to stop a ball in motion than you would think. The issues that cause Uber drivers the most duress are being brought to the publics eye and contrary to what Uber believes, the American Worker will win, always has, always will. Uber doesn’t understand that this is not a battle of wit or will, but a battle for the livelihood of the workers. We don’t want to argue things in Court, we don’t want to take it to the streets, we want it at a negotiation table for the betterment of drivers and Uber. Nobady wants to see Uber fail, we all like our jobs. We simply want fairness, the right to conduct business as we should, and fair compensation for our labors.

The Uber Driver’s Strike may not have been a monumental success, but it was a milestone towards such success. For all that participated in this weekends strike, thank you. For those that did not participate, thank you also, you played your roles well  As for Uber, thank you also, you did just what we thought you would. It is a shame though, because as we move closer to the holidays happy drivers make happy rides, which makes happy riders. Oh well, Uber on!


18 thoughts on “Actually The Uber Strike Is A Success

  1. I learned about the strike from a customer while I was driving. I am new to Uber and sent them an email suggesting adding the ‘tip’ option to the application and received a canned response from a customer rep, but I was naïve enough to not google it first. I think the most important success was that everyone is aware now that Uber drivers are underpaid and the company should realize that its image is deteriorating fast with these actions. I am up for another strike and planning on participating next time!

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  2. Complete, total flop of a strike! Uber has been great for both drivers and passengers, but a few union thug agitators saw an opportunity to ruin a good thing. They go shellacked.
    To the unionistas: your time is over. Get lost.

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    • You my friend are a complete idiot. If you think drivers have and are being treated fairly you are a Uber Shill and we appreciate your stepping forward to let us know. Now, if in 3 months you feel the same way, please return to tell us about it.


    • I have driven for over 2 years. I have almost 4000 rides in. It has not been great for drivers for some time. This was a huge success because now everyone knows how Uber treats it’s drivers. The cat is out of the bag. Additionally I watched the driver app all night and it was in high surge all night. Huge success.


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  4. There needs to be a nationwide strike. Nothing has improved. The minimum fare needs to be $7, cancelation fee needs shortened time limit, fares need to be higher. There is NO way to make the money uber claims drivers can make. Drivers who say they are happy, or making great money are insiders. Uber is simply the next McDonald’s, Walmart, or other big corporation Americans use, but love to hate, that takes advantage of the worker.

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    • Dick, I agree with you 100%! The first step to making forward progress 9in this situation is for this Association to acquire a whole bunch more members that are serious about wanting to fix this. All I need is members to back me up and we can push for change. Without significant numbers of membership behind me all they will do is laugh.


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