Why You Should Support The Uber Strike . . .

I can think of a lot of reasons to participate in the Uber Strike scheduled for 10/16 through 10-18. And, I can think of a few reasons not to. But that is me. Let me tell you a few good reasons why you should support the Uber Strike.

  • Support for your fellow workers is always a good idea. Even a brand new Driver just hearing of the strike should check the Internet for Uber related issues and support his fellow workers. Senior Drivers are aware that Uber fills new drivers with Uber Logic and tells them how much money they can make, but thousands of Uber Drivers having the same complaints demonstrate that there is in fact a reason for complaint.
  • When you consider how many times Uber has misled the government, the public, and ourselves to discover we have been subjected to blatant disrespect and/or loss of income, why wouldn’t you at least support any action that would garner the attention to our issues?
  • You should support the Uber Driver’s Strike because Uber and the Government are violating the law by allowing Uber to undercut other transportation services using unfair competition practices. Even if you are not concerned for the people involved, you should be concerned for the impact of the jobs lost. Even if you do not care for the jobs lost, you should be concerned about the Government negligence allowing this to happen.
  • You should support the Uber Driver’s Strike because the United States needs good jobs that pay a fair wage and provide benefits to support families. You should be concerned about the future availability of jobs for our children, and their children. Not everyone in this Country will become part of the affluent and not need a job, there must be jobs for the lower income and those seeking additional work as necessary.
  • You should support the Uber Driver’s Strike because the amount of jobs lost by Uber’s Disruption will severely impact our unemployment and welfare systems. Were any of our major cities to add 25,000 or higher people to either system within a short period of time would not only overwhelm the system financially but likely create a problem with the City, County, and State budgets.
  • You should support the Uber Driver’s Strike because the financial impact from the States to the Federal Budget will likely endanger the US Economy. You should really consider this possibility. The threat to the economy less jobs for the lower income could become the “straw to break the camels back” or so they say. The US has been doing everything possible to maintain the US Economy. Even if the impact is not adequate to collapse the US Economy, it will still be an adverse impact that can prove costly to us as a Nation.
  • You should support the Uber Driver’s Strike to show Uber and the other TNC’s that regardless their effort to prevent our unification, we can unify and come together for a common cause, and whether we agree with each other on the topic we can still support each other.
  • You should support the Uber Driver’s Strike because Travis Kalanick  and his bunch do not believe any of us have heart enough to stand up and be heard. Remember recently one of Uber’s top administrators words, “Because we can”? Uber is counting on most of us to back down easily in any opposition to them. Uber knows that everyone fears reprisal from them should we participate in any kind of employee type unification organization. Uber, with full knowledge that such reprisal is a violation of the law has in the past taken such actions against drivers and to date I have not heard of any such reprisal taken against any drivers that are members of a driver’s association.
  • You should support the Uber’s Driver’s Strike because you are an American Worker and it took our parents and their parents before them to establish a fair employment policy which governs the pay, hours, overtime, reimbursement, and many other standards are applicable to how workers of all types should be treated and paid. When the Fair Labor Standards Act was written, it was intended that all workers be fairly compensated for their efforts. There was no intent for Employers to be allowed to violate these laws by use of the title “Independent Contractors” and we should see this issue properly resolved.
  • You should support the Uber Driver’s Strike because if ever a company has required regulation, it is Uber. Uber has used us to violate every law and ordinance in every market served, Uber has left us hanging with inadequate insurance. Uber has lied to and manipulated government, Uber has without justification terminated drivers without the right to any process of fairness or rebuttal to allegations allowed.  And, Uber has failed to take responsibility for anything whatsoever, making the driver responsible for anything that happens. 

What does your support of the Uber Driver’s Strike say to Uber? WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! TREAT US FAIRLY AND PAY US A REASONABLE WAGE. And more than anything else, it says; WE ARE AMERICAN WORKERS AND WE DO HAVE RIGHTS, WE DO HAVE RECOURSE, AND WE HAVE PRIDE!

You are not required to agree with the Uber Driver’s Strike, and no violence will be considered at all acceptable in effort to prevent you from working during this strike action. But remember, with your support the Uber Driver’s Strike has a chance of making a difference, without it all of us appear incapable of standing up against the wrongs committed by Uber and the other TNC’s. I/WE have a responsibility to defend ourselves against exploitation and intentional negligence committed by any employer, including Uber. Support the Uber Driver’s Strike and let’s move forward in betterment of drivers nation-wide.


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