Okay Folks, Give Up Some Money!

In order for this Strike to have any impact at all, we need to do something about better notification of our fellow drivers.  San Francisco Drivers you need to spend a few dollars for this. Folks in other cities should consider doing the same. If I can convince some of the San Francisco Drivers to part with a few dollars of their hard earned cash, I would like to use it to purchase a few large banners telling our fellow drivers that there is a strike scheduled and ask they support and participate. It will serve nobody if half of us strike and half of us don’t.

So, San Francisco Drivers please visit https://rideassociation.wordpress.com  and select the button on the top menu for “FREE MEMBERSHIP & DONATIONS” and make a donation for this cause. I will maintain a complete accounting of every dollar and dime I spend for the banners and I will also acquire the necessary permits from the City.

Drivers in other cities should consider doing the same or something similar. I figure a few 25’ x 3’ color banners that tell of the strike, with a quick line that asks all drivers respect the strike and stay off line for the duration of the strike. You will need to get the ball rolling on this ASAP to get the banners printed in time to mount prior to the strike.

I recommend you contact a local commercial sign company to prepare your banners, you may want to shop around though as these things can cost $100.00 at one sign company and $250.00 at another. Do not get too fancy, make the text info easy to read and easy to understand.

Okay San Francisco, kick with some cash let’s make this happen. If you do not want to follow Abe’s agenda for the strike, here is an alternative https://rideassociation.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/is-a-strike-by-uber-drivers-justified/ which I feel more relevant to the current situation.

Okay folks, donation time: https://rideassociation.wordpress.com/membership/


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