It Is About Time That Someone Does Something About Uber!

LaughUber’s plans are the disruption of close to 20 million jobs nation-wide. Most of these jobs serve our major cities. What city in the United States is prepared to have 500,000 or even 100,000 unemployed seeking aid from our welfare services? Not a single city in the US is prepared for such.

The Taxi, Limousine, and Ride-Hail companies and drivers should be taking action to limit the amount of autonomous cars that can be on line in any given city to prevent mass unemployment and undue burden on the US Uber_thumb.pngEconomy. Frankly any act that would put so many people out of work and impact the American Worker as severely as Uber’s plans call for should be considered treason based on the potential adverse impact it could have on the entire nation.

Our Nation is sitting back waiting for this new modern technology that will have cars driving our city streets without human drivers as though it will be the most wonderful event of the century. What about the 20 million families effected by such displacement? Are we the tax payer going to have to suffer additional taxation subsequent to Uber’s monopoly of cars for hire in America to support all of the jobs lost?

Thus far Uber has disrupted Taxi Services nation-wide and initially Uber provided a superior service. But 5 years later Uber has exploited their drivers to offensive levels and the service provided has diminished to UberX being nothing more than a Taxi Company with a Computerized Dispatch. Uber should be regulated nation-wide as any other “car-for-hire” service is. Our government has failed us by not insisting Uber conduct business per the rules already in place instead of falling for the claims that Uber is a technology company and not a transportation company.

Uber fails to comply with any recognized business practices and seem willing to adopt their own rules and procedures for just about everything. Uber claims they pay the drivers fairly, because per Uber’s rules, anything you had prior to Uber should not be considered as an expense when calculating Uber’s payments to drivers. Thus where common business practices tell you that your car if used for both business and personal use, you would portion the use making some of the expense part of your business expense. Uber’s theory calls for the car if already a personal expense to remain a personal expense and not applicable as part of your income calculation. Uber applies this theory to all items you  would have regardless of Uber such as your car, cell phone, insurance, and anything else used for both personal and business usage. Uber further warps the common practices by telling the drivers to use the actual costs of operation instead of taking the $0.57 per mile figure in calculating vehicle operation costs. These figure cannot be truthfully derived by day to day calculation, instead requiring the calculation for the period of one year to ascertain actual costs for the year.

Uber also warps hours worked for the drivers by counting only the time a driver has a rider in the car instead of the actual time a driver is out in the field working. A recent change to using the time a driver is logged on to the Uber App shows some correction in this calculation but it still fails to demonstrate the actual hours a driver may have worked as it is common to sometimes have to shut off the App while moving from location to location. An example of this is a driver that has worked all evening trying to return to his base having to shut off the App to allow him to leave the City during the morning rush or a driver that requires fuel prior to accepting his next trip. This Uber calculation also fails to consider time used for record keeping, maintenance, and other time required not actually driving. Were the driver an employee instead of an Independent Contractor all of the drivers time would be part of the calculation. When Uber makes a claim that the drivers are making a specific amount per hour, use of the Uber time calculation allows for inflation of the hourly amount they claim drivers earn.

Uber consistently claims the drivers earnings as close to 50% of the fares collected for the drivers work performed. The driver is paid 65 to 80% of the fares collected, but this is prior to calculation of drivers expenses. If the driver receives $0.80 of the dollar and at least $0.57 is the expense per mile, this would leave $0.23 of the dollar left. If the driver receives $0.65 of the dollar, this leaves $0.08 of the dollar for the drivers earnings. You have to  make a whole bunch of fares to make a days pay out of either amount.  The facts are, Uber is not providing good jobs. Uber is providing part-time temporary jobs with no benefits or future growth when this Country needs jobs. It is one thing when XYZ Company closes down shop and we lose 500 jobs, a completely different story when 20 million jobs are disrupted.

How badly does a corporation need to negative impact upon it’s Country before the corporation is declared an enemy of the State? Think about this. Uber is going to destroy 20 million jobs. Every Taxi Driver, Limo Driver, and Ride-Hail Driver will be unemployed. Some of these people have significant investment into their business and stand to lose every bit of their investment. Take Taxi Drivers that have paid for their “medallion” some valued at 1 million dollars. These are major investments and the loss of valuation alone will devastate the owners. Wouldn’t it make more sense to protect the medallion owners investment buy limiting autonomous cars and requiring the autonomous car providers to purchase the medallions from the Taxi Services if they want to expand the amount of autonomous cars serving the City?

What we need to consider is, at what point is the advent of new technology more important than keeping our Country at work, supporting their families? The other consideration is what about jobs for our children’s children? Are they going to be able to find a decent job that supports their family? Will we end up with a majority of our Country being on our welfare roles to eat? I do not think our Politicians, nor those all thrilled about the future with autonomous cars, have actually considered what 20 million angry people who have lost everything because the government stood by and did nothing. Jobs are important to this Country. Jobs are damn important to this Country.

There is a possibility that should we find ourselves with 20 million angry unemployed people in our major cities that the economy for those cities will collapse just because none of the US will be able to handle the impact of so many unemployed. But, what of the US Economy? Do you not think an adverse impact will be realized?

For a company to fail and leave people unemployed is not a good thing. For a company to disrupt 20 million people from their livelihood is nothing less than criminal, or should be. Keep in mind, 20 million people lose their jobs, their investments, and their future to be replaced by a single corporation and it’s investors to profit. We do not care how you look at it, it is wrong. And, it needs to be stopped, regulated to require growth within the system so as not to displace the American Worker without the ability to prosper from their inevitable loss.

Somebody simply has to do something to stop the train wreck from happening . . .


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