Uber’s Attempt To Silence Its Drivers May Have Just Backfired – Working In These Times

This is the future of employment for the American Worker . . .

Uber’s Attempt To Silence Its Drivers May Have Just Backfired – Working In These Times

People the work with, ride with, or invest in Uber need to read the subject article (link). The article gives a pretty good look at Uber’s contract/arbitration and explains the wrongsBrokeBusinessman involved. This is the “Sharing Economy” at it’s finest. Uber is valued at 51 billion dollars that rather than treat their workers fairly have chosen to spend damn near every penny they have in legal battles. Uber had the ability to be the best company in the US and possibly abroad. All they had to do was maintain a reasonable value to the jobs they provide. Presently Uber has approximately 500,000 Independent Contractor Drivers and possibly as many as half of them do not earn even a minimum wage for their efforts. Uber is constantly seeking new drivers to replace drivers that realize they are not making money for anybody but Uber by their partnership.

Uber’s plans are to disrupt more than 20 million jobs that are capable of supporting a family and reduce the jobs to part-time low wage poverty level jobs at the expense of the workers and the Tax Payers. Uber has already reduced the rates paid to UberX Drivers in most locations they serve to below acceptable income level for many of the drivers while preaching their Uber Logic to the workers. Uber Logic is Uber’s telling it’s workers that certain expense items such as your car payment, insurance, and cell phone should not be considered an expense as the worker would still have those obligations regardless of working with Uber. If you remove enough of the drivers expense per Uber Logic eventually the driver will appear to make good money. Now if Uber Logic makes sense to you as a business man, please consult your nearest mental health professional immediately. If you drive your car 90% related to Uber, it no longer is s personal expense but a business expense, as is any other item you use for work.

The subject article (link) discusses the Uber Contract which is force fed to drivers via their SmartPhones when they try to log on to the Uber Application that serves management of Uber’s technology to facilitate the transport of millions upon millions of people every day world-wide. There is no discussion of what the contract contains or what changes have been made. You either accept the contract or you do not get access to the Uber App to go to work. Uber has disregarded almost every law and ordinance while putting their drivers on the road. They have done such also to the contract the drivers are forced to accept if they want to keep working. Again, I suggest you take a moment to read the subject article (Link)  as it is very informative and gives the best explanation of the “arbitration clause” in the contract that I have seen thus far.


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