Are Drivers Ready To Fight Back?

Every day hundreds of drivers working with the Ride-Hail Services such as Uber, Lyft, and SideCar are joining the ranks of “angry” towards their employers due to inadequate pay, employer manipulation, unfair contracts, non-responsive employers, unfair rating system, and a number of other complaints.

So the time for the question, “Drivers, are you ready to fight back?”

To date, drivers have done little but bitch and then roll over and take it again. The employers have taken a blatant disregard for the drivers and have a “You don’t like it, then quit” attitude while disregarding any common professional employment practices.

The employers continue to mass hire drivers, leaving the previous drivers unable to enjoy a healthy need for their services while at the same time the employers continue to reduce driver rates leaving the drivers struggling to earn a reasonable income, if any income at all. Efforts to communicate with the employers have failed to acquire the attention to driver concerns necessary to effect change.

Thus far, drivers have failed to have the necessary “back-bone” to stand up and fight for themselves and have done nothing to bring about change, leaving the employers to believe that they have nothing to fear from drivers world-wide. The reason for this poll is to ascertain if drivers have finally had enough of the low pay, bullshit treatment, inadequate workers rights, and the ongoing lies of the employers.

So DRIVERS, ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT BACK? Will you grow a set and stand up for your rights, or hide like a bitch and continue to take the abuse? Take our poll and tell us if you are ready to man-up and demand change.


4 thoughts on “Are Drivers Ready To Fight Back?

    • John, There are no UberX that make bank unless you are in a market that has yet to reduce your driver rates. Granted there may be a handful of drivers that have found a way to earn a few bucks, but very few. Math does not lie. Either you are one of the fortunate, or you need to let a professional accountant review your pay documents. Everybody is a winner per Uber Logic but Uber Logic does not actually follow common business practices for accounting. Uber Logic is believing that you do not claim a resource that you already have, because you would have it regardless of working with Uber or not.


  1. it this is a teamster effort at organizing than no thanks. All the teamsters do is roll over in negotiations get a their members a shitty contract charge extortion level dues and fund the campaigns of leftwing politicians. the teamsters represent access drivers and their deal is terrible low wages absolutely shit overpriced insurance coverage not to imagine criminality fuck the teamster drivers are better off being ics

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    • No it is not related to the Teamsters and it is an association not a Union. My goal with this effort was to add to the association membership and get a few donations that would allow me to run some newspaper ads and maybe a radio spot or two in some of the bigger markets we serve to tell drivers nation-wide to contact the association and/or facebook groups for details on actions drivers are taking that are important to them and hope we gain a much larger membership to actually try to get renegotiation of the contract considered. If that failed we would go to the next action to disrupt services if necessary. Teamsters and Unionization will be something of a future issue should the final determination be made that we are employees. Regardless, it appears to be wasted effort as it appears only about 20 people have heart enough to stand up for themselves at this stage of the game. Frankly I do not understand how drivers cannot unify and take action. Join the Association anyway, it won’t hurt and it is free. If we get enough to do something I will let you know.


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