Holy Horse Shit Travis, Can You Even Face Yourself In The Mirror?

Everybody knows that most if not all that is said by Uber is an absolute lie. I cannot think of a single statement made by Uber that has been truthful, but this one takes the cake:


Uber has repeatedly reduced drivers rates since last year. The most recent being the Los Angeles area which he reduced to $0.78 per mile. If there is a driver serving the LA area that is able to make his expenses it is a miracle, but nobody is bringing home minimum wage with rates like that. Uber is the KING of income inequality nation-wide with probably close to 500,000 UberX drivers likely making less than minimum wage while Uber rakes in millions in the taking of their percentage coupled with Rider Safety Fees. Mayor del Blasio is probably trying to end income inequality by taking Uber cars off the road because there are no drivers making incomes equal to the local Taxi services and many not earning even a minimum wage.

What you have to understand is Uber wants us to all believe that UberX drivers are hobbyist that come out and play Taxi at our own loss because we want to pick up a few extrauberon dollars by exchanging the equity in our cars for a false paycheck. The Uber theory is if you already have the expense it now becomes a usable resource for you to earn from it. You already have a car payment. You already have a car. Use your car to make extra money. You have no additional expense as you already had the car payment prior to Uber. This is called Uber Logic and it pertains to any item you had prior to Uber that you use while working with Uber. You already had your insurance, cell phone, and maintenance on your car. So in Uber Reality you are making money above and beyond those expenses. They call this the “Sharing Economy.”

The Sharing Economy works like this: You get to use your resources to share with the community and be compensated at rates that barely cover your real expenses, if that, while Uber makes millions per day and pisses it all away fighting legal battles like they think they can win when everything they are doing is a lie. Uber only compensates drivers for the period of time the driver has a rider in his car. This means a driver can travel 15 minutes to pick up the rider, transport the rider for 5 minutes, and the driver then drive another 15 minutes to return to his original location. Uber makes no inclusion of the to and from travel time part of the driver compensation, thus the driver is only paid for 5 minutes of a 35 minute trip. In addition the driver has to pay for all expenses incurred. There are numerous “Sharing Economy” companies nation-wide following Uber sharing economy model and every one of them is reducing the American Worker to a poverty level slave without workers rights or protections.

The sharing economy is likely going to be the cause of the failure of the US economy and thus far only one politician has enough integrity to stand up and say “wait a minute, this is harmful to the American  Worker and the economy.

BrokeBusinessmanIf you want to test the impact of the sharing economy vs. the American Worker . . . Just imagine . . . Uber is going to disrupt millions of jobs, replace them with poverty level “shared economy” jobs and create a vacuum of losses nation-wide. Examine the individual jobs created that have absolutely no workers rights or government protection. Is this the job of the future that our children will have to struggle to live on? Uber had the opportunity to create good family supportive jobs nation-wide, and would be a national hero had they of done so. Uber chose not to be the national hero they could have been. And, it is time that Government quit sucking up to the multi-billion dollar false provider and stop this before we are all walking “bread lines” to feed our families.

There is one primary need for regulation of Uber is Uber’s ongoing manipulation of Government and ongoing fabrication of facts presented to the public, workers, and government. The failure to abide by rules that are in place just to prevent what is happening from happening and the corporate negligence Uber has demonstrated are justification for the government to do a full investigation of all of Uber’s operations within the United States and it is our Government’s responsibility to do so. Someone within the Federal Government needs to create the necessary legislation to modify the Fair Labor Standards Act to provide certain protections to the position of Independent Contractor to ensure this situation never occurs again and the livelihood of the American Worker is not reduced to that of a third-world country.

I know that there are those that may believe that I am probably suffering from some form of mental failure, but I am not. The US needs jobs. But, the jobs needed have to be real income producing jobs, not a new economy with a fancy title that provides nothing equal to the jobs that it intends to disrupt in the future. The American Worker requires adequate compensation, job stability, and room for future growth and advancement. Thus far Uber provides none of these.  



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