Did Travis Kalanick Make A Fool Out Of The Mayor of San Francisco?

kalanickrobotFor those of you not in the know, the “Meeting of The Mayors” is being held in San Francisco today. Today is also the day that Uber presents their claims of glory to this same meeting. Do you think Uber told the truth today or did Travis Kalanick make a fool out of the Mayor of San Francisco? I think true to form, *Uber lied and made the Mayor look like an ass for letting Kalanick get away with it.

Do you think Uber told the Meeting of the Mayors, that Uber has lied and manipulated everybody they possibly can to circumvent compliance with the law and avoid taking responsibility  for any failure or incident caused by Uber?

Do you think Uber told the Meeting of the Mayors, that Uber has created a new employment position that does not have the protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act and does not get paid a minimum wage, and that presently he has up to 500,000 of these employees working nation-wide?

Do you think Uber told the Meeting of the Mayors, that every time Uber has made a statement regarding driver earnings, that they have consistently lied their asses off overstating driver earnings by as much as 100%?

Do you think Uber told the Meeting of the Mayors, that the new insurance requirement going into effect July 1, 2015 does not meet the needs of the community, the State, nor the drivers?

Do you think Uber told the Meeting of the Mayors, that the new “shared economy” Travis Kalanick is trying to create will set the American Worker back over fifty years into the past, will destroy job stability for the future, eliminate workers rights for the future, and likely be the cause of the failure of the US economy in the near future?

Nope, I don’t believe Uber or Travis Kalanick told the Meeting of the Mayors any of these truths. Nope, I believe that Uber or Travis Kalanick straight up lied their collective asses off making the Mayor of San Francisco look like an absolute fool in the future. I have little doubt that the lies told by Uber were supported by a variety of demonstrations of their selective mining of the Uber database making everything they said appear to be truthful, although such nothing more than a continuance of their lies. Oh well, sooner or later the truth will surface, as it always does. Do you think anybody should tell the Mayor that Travis has played him for a fool, or let him wait to find it out all by himself?

I saw this issue coming months ago. I even sent correspondence requesting I be allowed to speak at the Meeting of the Mayors to bring the truth of Uber’s claims to the attention of all of the Mayors in attendance, because the Uber lies are continuing and the cost to each community affected is not obvious but the cost is there just the same. Uber is telling lies, causing negligent harm to citizens of this Country, and “buddying” up to political figures while at the same time causing harm to the people served by these politicians, and getting away with it. Politicians beware, Travis Kalanick and Uber may not be the wonderful people you believe them to be.


3 thoughts on “Did Travis Kalanick Make A Fool Out Of The Mayor of San Francisco?

  1. False advertising Fraud, manipulation & spin Anti-competitive behaviour Tax evasion and/or avoidance Misleading and deceptive conduct Enabling, encouraging, supporting and reward illegal activity Making high numbers of fake bookings to cripple competition and waste drivers’ time Price-surging greed and price-gouging, including profiteering from natural disasters Pushing every boundary as far as they can Operating whole networks of vehicles with inadequate or no valid insurance Refusal to accept responsibility for many wrong doings or empathy for those they have caused substantial hardship or suffering

    The arizona governor Doug Ducei one of the most corrupted governors of all times was soborned by Travis with many millions to let him operare with all impunity in this state with his slevary fares
    And destroy the taxi industry


  2. Im pretty sure travis is fixing things with sf mayor under the table as he did it with the arizona governor
    Money talks and mever lie


    • This may or may not be true, but doesn’t it just suck believing it even possible? our government is charged with the responsibility of protecting the citizen regardless who is paying the tab. How much corruption can one man create with a pocket full of cash or mind full of manipulation


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