Are You Really Willing To Settle For This Shit?

Note: My recommendation that drivers make complaint to the Labor Board.

US Ride-Hail Driver's Association

Seriously folks, are you really willing to settle for the shit pay and unfair partnership that Uber is presently giving you?  If you are, you have very poor value of your own worth. Do you realize that the Drivers for the TNC’s have one primary thing in common? The drivers are the only true income producing faction of any of the TNC’s. DRIVERS ARE THE ONLY TRUE INCOME PRODUCING FACTION OF ANY OF THE TNC COMPANIES! And, who gets treated the most poorly? The Drivers!

If you work for Uber, you are presently working to pay for your own replacement that will take your employment from you. That’s right, not only are you going to eventually be terminated, removed from your job, & fired with no job to go to, but you are helping them do it to you. Every dollar you earn puts Travis Kalanick that much closer to…

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