Another T-Shirt . . .

We believe this T-Shirt to both be classy and functional. You can wear this shirt to anyplace that casual dress is appropriate and likely not offend anyone while still making auberon statement. This design is from Barbaralynn Cooper who used to drive for Uber and now drives for Lyft on occasion. I believe she did an excellent job in the design. Artwork is by “Jarod Draws” who also did an excellent job. For those that cannot immediately see it, the design depicts Travis Kalanick climbing across the backs of drivers as he makes his way to the bank, with bank.

Folks you need to check out our collection of Uber related T-Shirts. They are comfortable, quality T-Shirts with designs intended to make a statement and/or start a conversation. They will only be available for a short and are of limited print. Hell they may even become a historical relic sometime in the future. Visit our site store and see what we have for you. If you have an idea for a message on a T-Shirt, let us know at we always like good ideas.



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