My Weekly Unification Message . . .

I am getting quite bored with suggesting we drivers unify to become a stronger voice together, and nobody does squat! Consider this:

Imagine all of the different “Associations” were to create a unification pact with one another, thereby bringing each of our respective memberships together to form one membership. This does not mean you are creating a new association or anybody leaves their current association. It simply means that the leaders of the associations work together towards the same goal, but now do so with a whole bunch of membership behind them.

Do you know why we will never be able to make demands upon our employers? Because none of the associations individually have enough membership to do so. Sure, am individual association can go to our employer seeking change for their actual membership, but only that specific membership, and such attempt might not get even a moments consideration by our employer. Don’t you think a unified approach with a combined membership of significant numbers would be much more effective?

Unification is key to any of us achieving any type of success. It does not matter if we strike, hold demonstrations, turn off our apps, or anything else to get the attention of our employers, so long as so few of us participate in such activity. We need to do so with the force of all of us, our friends, and our families. To do so means our leadership in the many associations has to quit thinking as a single group and reach out to the other associations to form a bond, an agreement, or a pact to help and support each other and then do so.

Regardless, nothing is going to bring about change if we cannot become a unified force with sufficient numbers to require the employer actually take us seriously and take action to resolve the issues. This is a leadership responsibility and needs to be given serious consideration with the necessary action taken to make it happen. It’s time we quit sitting on our thumbs and do something collectively to put an end to being treated like a third world economy. This is not just about us, this is about what the American Worker (our children) will have in the future. Do you really want the American Worker to have to settle for the kind of bullshit we are presently? Really? We are on the front of what could become the destruction of employment as we know it. Do you  really believe that it is acceptable for a corporation to rake in millions while failing to compensate the workers even a minimum wage? Do you think it right that a single corporation disrupt 10 million jobs sending workers to the unemployment lines with no savings in their pockets or future employment opportunities available? Do you really believe Travis Kalanick should build an empire worth billions off of your labor while you get nothing in return?

The truth is . . . Your little facebook group is nothing standing alone. There is not yet a single association or organization representing the TNC drivers today that can make a bit of difference for our future. Let’s fix this!



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