Hold On Just A Minute . . . Let’s Be Truthful

The Toronto Sun this past Saturday ran an article in which some gal driving for Uber said that driving for Uber is a great job.  Well, maybe in Toronto driving for Uber is a great job. There are likely still places where driving for Uber is what it once used to be here, and there, and even over there. Face it, driving for Uber was really a cool gig for quite a long time, until KALANICK fucked it all up. Even today, I like driving Uber. It is not the job that is the problem. Hell, given the opportunity to drive Ride-Hail/Ride Share until it is time to put my old ass out to pasture, I would gladly do it . . .  Provided KALANICK sought medical treatment for his severe case of rectal-cranial inversion.

This is Kalanick’s 2nd or 3rd attempt at making a successful business. While everyone is claiming this attempt already a success, id it really? First Kalanick rips off the ideaslaveowner and the initial technology from a fella that trusted him enough to share the information with what he thought was likely an honest person. Then Kalanick started Uber and strode into every community like a bull, disregarding local laws and regulations, lying and buying his way into pretty much every major City nation wide. He has left the nation wondering if he paid every government official along the way or if our government really is so stupid to have allowed him to manipulate everything he wanted everywhere he went.

Then there are the drivers who are lied to from their very first contact with Uber and every subsequent interaction with Uber. Uber has convinced the world at large that all Uber drivers are paid big bucks and even rolls out data that has been selectively mined from Uber’s database to support their lies. And, Uber tells the government how the jobs that Uber created are valuable jobs to the communities they serve, and it is all a lie. This month at the Mayors Meeting Uber plans on telling the collection of Mayors from around the Country about how Uber has given America jobs the Country so badly needed. In truth, Uber has created a circle-jerk of people wanting real quality jobs that can support their families and pay the bills, only to discover a few months down the road that they are working their butts off for jobs that do not even pay a minimum wage. Some drivers did not discover how little they were being paid  until their income tax filings for last year demonstrated that they actually made no real earnings at all. Some drivers that invested in new cars through the Uber Auto purchase Program  to work with Uber lost thousands of dollars as the pay from Uber could not support the cars purchased.

lyingYou see, everything Uber says is a lie. EVERYTHING! And, government just goes along with whatever Kalanick and his crew says, without concern if it truthful or not. Some political figures should be concerned about this for the future, as well as some investors supporting Uber. Presently there are probably close to 350,000 to 400,000 drivers and their families driving for the Ride-Hail industries, many are not earning any income at all and of those that are earning an income, none are earning the same incomes the drivers working elsewhere or the fair market value for the services rendered. Sooner or later these families are going to realize the losses they have incurred while working with Uber and they are going to be quite angry with the government figures that sucked up to Kalanick instead of protecting them from the lie that is Uber. Just think if our government had insisted in finger-print background checks, maybe one or two of the negative situations suffered by Uber riders might have been prevented. Think of how many people have lost due to Uber’s lies over insurance coverage.

But, Uber is still a cool job. It is fun. It is social. it is interesting. What people fail to understand is Travis Kalanick did not build Uber to the company it is today. The drivers made Uber what it was yesterday. Travis Kalanick reduced Uber to what it is today, just another Cab company. Uber once used to be special. Not any more. Uber drivers have become just as angry, surly, and argumentative as the Cab services the people left because they didn’t like the treatment they received from the drivers. This is what Travis Kalanick has given our Cities, just another Cab company.

Travis Kalanick did not have to reduce Uber to the bullshit it has become today. Travis Kalanick could have been a national hero just by providing this Country truly valuableBrokeBusinessman family supporting jobs, but he didn’t. He provided hundreds of thousands of bullshit poverty level jobs and financial disparity amongst most that drive for Uber. He created government that turns their backs on their obligation to protect our communities and he holds himself proud upon the stage as though he a benefit to society while the Internet screams that Uber and Travis Kalanick are nothing more than an elaborate con game and the nation at large his victim.

But yep, it could still be a cool job . . .  But first, Uber needs Government Regulation because Uber has demonstrated it and Travis Kalanick’s  lack of integrity and questionable ethics to such a degree that to trust Uber to operate anywhere in the world without regulation is negligence of our government  to do their jobs. If any other major corporation conducted themselves  in a manner as irresponsible as Uber has and still is today, this Country would be up in arms trying to run them out of town. It just shows how easily we all can be decieved and manipulated.


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